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E-Rock was a great day, although I was suffering from my ride on Saturday.  I must have missed putting sunscreen on my legs, as they were fried beyond anything I've experienced in my 52 years on this earth.  I took a pretty long ride Saturday, doing a loop to Ward from Boulder through Raymond -- about 5k of climbing over 68 miles.  I'm lighter than I used to be, but no where as light as I should be.  And while the power has improved, I still am pretty slow on long sustained climbs, so Saturday was a long time in the sun.


For E-Rock, I actually thought about not riding, but given that my buddy and I were in Castle Rock with no way for him to get home if I left, I went ahead anyway.  Slathered on 55SPF every other aid station, and it was thick.  Still I think I added to the damage.


But I didn't let that detract from E-Rock.  That is an amazingly beautiful century.  The views of Pike's Peak from near and far, the rolling green horse country, the rollers, and pines; it all added up to a very enjoyable day on the bike.  It was quite a bit more climbing than I anticipated, somewhere around 6k vert. 


What also was amazing about the ride was the number of people.  The sold out the metric and full century rides (limited to 4,500 cyclists), and I expect they were pretty close to the total limit of 7,500 folk for all the rides.  It is pretty cool to be with that many folk on the ride.  It does mean that you are going to be riding in a suedo paceline whether you intended to or not for some significant part of the ride.  Some folk could be more considerate:  we had lots of folk riding two abreast taking up the entire lane.  But it was pretty mellow, and a good experience.


This is my final weekend of training.  I'm supposed to ride 3-4 hours today, but only have an hour in so far as work intervenes; then 5.5-7 hour rides tomorrow and Sunday.  Next week is the taper to the start of the BTC a week from Sunday.  I'm looking forward to being done; I'd like to do something else besides train non-stop.  Soon I'll be there!