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Olympic Whistler 2010

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Will Whistler 2010 be a good choice?

Even in the beginning of the season??


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If the price is the same as normal, I will ski there. The Olympics brought out the best of every possible features, including the best highway access, the best accomodations, the best transportations. So, the before and immidiate after will have those features available to you.


I am not sure how much the room will be, nevertheless. 

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If the price...


I agree, they will do the best for the games!!!

Absolutely!  The very same question, the price... that's the point!


Also, before the games, in the begin of the season should them close the best pistes for teams???


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Regarding the specific comment about closing runs for teams to train ... even though it is an Olympic year the ski racing World Cup, Europa Cup, FIS racing, etc still take place so racers will be elsewhere for much of the season.  The last men's downhill prior to the Olympics is Kitzbuhel (Austria) Jan 22-24 and the last slalom / GS is in Slovenia on 30-31 Jan 2010.  The woman have slalom, super-G and downhill right up to the end of Jan in Italy & then Switzerland.


I was in France for the few weeks prior to the Savoie Winter Olympics and as I recall 90% if not more of the resort was still open.  From what I have heard communicated locally it counds like the situation will be much the same for Whistler.  You have the whole of Blackcomb assuming they don't use the likes of Gandy Dancer or Upper/Lower Cruiser for training.  The racing is all on the Creekside area but who knows for certain if some training (not official course training) would happen elsewhere.  I don't believe it will from what I have heard so far.


What you should be aware of is things like the parking situation ... here is an article from a local paper today on this:-

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Of course it also depends what you mean by "the best pistes" ... race training doesn't happen on steep chutes or back bowls or in the trees (although would make it 'interesting' for sure).  If you mean specifically groomed wide trails then yes some of the better ones will be used for training and racing, but that still leaves lots more.

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It didn't like me posting the link so here goes again ... ""


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Hi Bonzai,


You got the point!! And I'm a lot more confident by now! And, since that place seems to be so huge, my concerns gos to the $$$ factor


Well, the air fares  are dropping down from here, if I will be able to close a deal with hotel+equip+lift asap, it probably give me some good pack price!!! I hope!!!



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I just noticed they are doing deals on booking early for next season ... but there's only 3 more days of the offer.  $150 USD for a ski & stay package for Jan 2010.  Interesting they don't give the price for the duration of the Olympics ... you should probably be sitting down if you make the call to ask ;-)


This is probably helpful too ...



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Thanks Bonzai!!!

Unfortunately I'll just be able to close a deal late August. And I hope they still have some good deals that time!!


Reading your post I think this two should minimize my apprehension!!

From: 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games - Frequently Asked Questions



Can I travel to Whistler for a holiday during the 2009/ 2010 season?
Definitely! Except for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (February 12-28, 2010 and March 12-21, 2010 respectively) the majority of the 2009/ 2010 season will be business as usual...

In the months leading up to the 2010 Winter Games, will I be able to ski/ snowboard in Whistler?
Of course. Both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains will be in operation before, during, and after the Games. Whistler Mountain offers more than 100 runs, and only four of these will be closed during the 2010 Winter Games (Dave Murray Downhill, Raven, Franz's Run, and Wildcard will be closed) In addition, Blackcomb Mountain will be in full operation, also offering more than 100 runs..."



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