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The cat room is not there when the moguls are done. It is there while you are building. You start with the first row of bumps at the top of the hill, then work your way down the hill. You essentially build one row and finish it then move on to the next row. The spacing between bumps in a single row allow room to work them with the cat. Depending on the tiller your cat is equipped with you might be able to groom the bumps after they have been made. I have seen some resorts use older cats with four tracks groom moguls. The shorter tracks do not smash the moguls as much.

I have tried making rollers several times with the cat. Making anything that can be maintained and work for a pump track is not easy with the cat. Making something for a one time use then torn down is easier. I agree a pump track could be a cool feature in a terrain park. I would love to have one in what is considered our kid park. I just now what is required to really make the track the way it is supposed to will be difficult with the cat. The quick steep transitions will be the biggest challenge. With anything that small the tiller likes to just plow them over vs just grooming them out.
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At Whitetail they did not groom the bumps after they were made. When they needed to be groomed, they started over and rebuilt them. After they were built/rebuilt they did not need hand work to make them skiable. They were great "fresh".

I will ask our guys what can be done when I start back up in the fall. Given what I saw they could do with the bumps they made last year and what I've seen in the video, they should be able to build a pump track with the cat, but they would not be able to groom it in place. The most difficult part would be the decision to try it.
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^^^ V v cool.  For some reason I'm fixated on doing one "one-way" in the park, e.g. pumping to get to a box, but this wouldn't be the first time I was way off on what people wanted.

The empirical results vis a vis bump skiing should also be interesting.  The carryover to bumping is obvious, but lots of park kids would naturally take to this type of thing, but still suck in bumps imo if they don't get out of the park much.  This is another way of saying flatboarding isn't so great and bumpers spend a lot of time working on using their edges too.   
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