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Warren Miller + Gerry Lopez

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Saw the new Warren Miller movie "Children of Winter" last night. Pretty much what you come to expect, pow porno, a bit of cheese, kids slashing and burning it up along with a few nice narratives. Wonderful story at the end of a sailing and ski touring trip around Iceland.

However the main event for me was to see Gerry Lopez carving it up at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon where he now lives. We all grew up idolising Mr. Lopez and his surfing at Pipeline. I even had a board with a lightning bolt on it, he was the man.

I love snow and the mountains but somehow it is hard to reconcile Lopez giving up having Pipeline at his backdoor to move to the mountains. Still seems to work for him, he is one contented zen master dude.

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Gerry is rather private, but here is a story you'll like:


A friend, former US Ski Team member found a perfect standing wave on an irrigation canal out on the high desert near Bend.  He tried surfing it, and decided he needed some expert advice.


He went and knocked on Gerry Lopez's door, and after a suspicious greeting, told him what he had found and asked him to come look at it.  Gerry stared at the wave in silence for the longest time, then went home and stayed up all night shaping a special board for it.  He said that discovery would make it possible for him to stay in Bend.


In gratitude to my friend Ben, a big guy, he made a special board for him too....a short fat high volume board which reads--- "The Bushpig--  for Benny, by Gerry Lopez".

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That would be some honour to have that scribed down your stringer. How does the irrigation canal wave work? How big would it get? Sounds intriguing, got any photos?

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This comes to mind.  Maybe a large pipe pouring in to the canal creates something similar to this boat wake:


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I haven't been out to see it.  It is private property, and some landowners are actually building deflectors to prevent the good waves from forming.


Much like this though:



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Wow, pretty cool. Tricky kind of a take off. That first guy was ripping it up a bit. Munich who would have thought.

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