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Skied a day with Arcmiester at a PMTS clinic at Tyrol Basin. As usual, Arc was full of great insights. As he says "the primary movements have always been the same". I can't say I learned anything new. We explored some old things from a different outlook. I don't think I heard Arc say "phantom move" once but we talked about "the kinetic chain" and how small moves effect it. Actually the "Phantom Move" is similar to a sequence I learned from a USST headcoach back in 84. I call it "rock and roll" and use it as the first sequence at the beginning of season.
As I've said before: "As a resident of a Swiss community, I will remain neutral". I see no reason for me to pursue certification in PMTS but really like the idea that beginners will get goog habits to start. I spend most of my time as a coach trying to get kids out of the "backseat".