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Very cool.  I love it that Valentino was there.

Anyone ridden the new Multistrada with all the different settings?  It looks really beautiful.  It looks like the ONLY bike I might rather have than my beloved GS.
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Ducati Multistrada 1200

I'm a bit skeptical about the 4 mode switch, altering suspension, abs, traction control and engine output. Kinda like the "all mountain" ski.....gimme a sport bike, touring bike, a super motard as well as an enduro bike 
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 It would be nice if it worked.  I really like my all-mountain skis.  And I like to ride in different patterns during a trip.  That's why I like my GS so much--dirt, twisties, urban does a lot of stuff pretty well.
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weems....not that there is anything wrong with all mountain skis, my point was that you do of course compromise in a way that a specialty ski does not. Pure hard snow carver or dedicated bump or powder ski offer a "purer" experience in their own domain.

For bikes, as with your GS, they do indeed do many things fairly well. And in your case you like to mix it up on the same ride, so this is a great way to go. My riding (and skiing too) tends to be more one dimensional with a given agenda for a specific day. Be it machine made firm groomers or rural roads lacing along side of rivers.

I just wonder if Ducacti is trying too hard to do what I don't think can be done. They are outside their niche on this one.
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 Hey, I just saw this thread. Rossi Smash, you have some COOL bikes!  I used to ride; had 3 first was a 1983 Suzuki GS550 E, I learned on that thing and dumped it a couple times, enough that I bought extra clutch levers at a junkyard because I always seemed to break one when I fell.  I learned how to take care of a bike with that thing, too.....the carburetors were always getting gunky as were the spark plugs.  But it lasted long enough so I could ride well, then I bought a 2001 Ducati 750SS.  I rode that to my high school teaching job and my students though I was cool!  I also got a Suzuki SV 650 which was a little easier to ride than the Duc, but didn't have the character.  I did outfit it with hard sidebags and heated grips so it was a nice commuting bike.

Too bad I can't find the pictures!

I got "practical" and sold the Duc and kept the SV.  However, last year, I sold the SV and no longer have a bike (of the motorized variety).  I do lust after Ducati Monsters every time I see one.  I just love those steel trellis frames and the Ducati 90 degree twin sound.

Not many women ride, except for on the back of Harleys around here.  Most of my riding was done alone.
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For any of you  L O N G time moto heads there is a GREAT new magazine that you should check out. It's consontrating on the 60's, 70's and 80's bikes. Some very good writing and AWESOME photos. If that sounds like your kind of magazine check out more here;


It's pricey and only comes but 4 times a year.....but based on the first two issues, worth every penny! 

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V cool.  Just sold the two-stroke and am in dirtbike thumper-land, which though it makes sense for me still leaves me missing the two-stroke hit.  Kinda like a start with an overlay where the skis are just different from know you'll be there quickly.  Of course the thumper is probably faster with me on board. 

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Wait a minute, I haven't posted here?




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Originally Posted by weems View Post

Yikes, Pete.  Bad luck on that prang.  That's a familiar place.  I went to school in Gstaad.


I think it's the little lapses on a motorcycle that cause the problems.  You've got to stay focused every moment.  The margins are small and the stakes are high.  That's both the beauty and the challenge of riding. 

"Little lapses"...
I hit a Merc "head on" with my Honda XL at age 22...
Results? One broken backbone, swollen right knee, calf and foot (luckily had motocross reinforced boots on - had a kind of "premonition" that morning while leaving home - bike and car acted like scissors on my right leg, if not for the nickname would now be "peg-leg nobody" ehehehe)
30 maddening days in bed. Bone healed well, after more than 20 years though, knee, and foot sometimes are a bit on the pain side...
Said Honda XL is still in the garage...
It was followed by another Honda, an Africa Twin 650 which stupidly was sold some years later (I thought I was not going to be able to use it, time proved me wrong, I could have had great use for it, regrettably I was never able to buy another motorbike after that)
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Heading out for a gorgeous Fall ride. Two BMW boxer motos, 31 years apart in age.

My '82 R100RS and a friends 2013 R1200RT


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