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Next years get together

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Was just woundering if we have dates and location yet for the "Epic get together"

Someone pushed me off my bike last week and I was thinking about cool snow would be nice on my road rash riddin body.

Anyway really looking forward to next season and wanted to plan so I could do the Epic trip next year.

Hope everyone has a great off season with lots of fun and adventure .

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Since I have to plan many months in advance, I'd like a heads-up as well. Missed the SLC party last season by just a few weeks because I'd had to book my tix back in August. Likely do the same this year -- old ligaments, etc. can't handle 12 hours in an economy seat unless I get one of the better ones. Would love to meet up with some of the bears next season.

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If you're asking about the Gathering, the location will be Salt Lake City but the dates have not yet been firmed up.  Hope to see you guys there!

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Uncle Louie asked me to post that the dates for the Gathering are typically announced just after Labor Day.

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Alright!  Only a few hours away.  Guess I'll get in training right away.  Just hired a new drill thrall:


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SpikeDog, if that's you in the foil bikini your personal trainer is worth every penny! IMO

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