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Set of skills

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There has been frequent mention of 'back to basics' and 'X should be part of everyone's skill set' but what are 'the basics' and is there a defined group of skills that a person should learn to become a well rounded skier? Is there some rule of order by which these should be learned?
Ray 'the rookie'
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I think when people refer to the "basics" they are referring to getting on some easy groomers, and working on perfecting the skills and movements. From my perspective, it would mean learn to make perfect wedge christies and slow, open track parallel turns. The kind of thing that an instructor working on getting through a cert exam would do. You'd be amazed at how much it will help all of your skiing, when you know exactly what goes on to make a really clean, slow open track parallel turn. When you get out on the steeps on in weird conditions, you'll know how to make instant adjustments when things aren't feeling right. Things like; a little more edge, a little less rotation, move a bit more forward than lateral (or vice versa). Really knowing the basics to the point of "owning" them, means that you know exactly what you are doing, but don't have to think about it until something makes it necessary. Then you can think about it and make adjustments.

Well, that's my take on it anyway...
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Balance, Edging, Pressure are the basics. PSIA used to use "BERP", but as carving skis have become the norm 'rotary' is less emphasized (but still a skill).

Balance: A good stance, feet about hip width apart, ankles flexed so that the hips are over the feet, hands in a comfortable position, shoulders relaxed, eyes ahead.

Edging: tipping the skis on their sides to engage the edge(s).

Pressure: downward pressure onto the ski via a balanced position, which increases the bend in the ski, which, combined with edging, creates the turn.

Everything else is fine tuning, but those are the core basics. If you are missing one or the other, you will struggle. The USST is focusing heavily on this with their BASE test system, and PSIA is following suit also (albeit slightly differently).

Balance is the most important above all.

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