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Windows Vista computer running slowly yesterday/today?

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Don't be too surprised if it is - Microsoft released service pack 2 yesterday. If your computer is set to automatically receive updates, then it's probably trying to download around 340MB of data.
Yes, you do want to install it. It's got a few good fixes in it. It has been beta tested since last year, so it should be stable as well.


If you are not running Vista, please ignore this message.

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yes, the update was issued last Turesday I think and was re-released in typical MS fashion to correct some issues with the update. We experienced system slow down as well. Our tech is still trying to identify what the issue is. I am not positive if the re-release was sent out yet.

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I checked our machines today.  We got service packs for our MS Office 2007 programs, not for the operating systems (running XP, 'Vista, and Win Ult 7 on various computers here).  We also got Internet Explorer 8.

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 Gee, lucky you....

Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

  We also got Internet Explorer 8.


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No issues with Leopard.  

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gee, this is sounding an aweful lot like a seiries of commercials I know......

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So far so good, but I don't use it much.  I bet it won't be long til everyone's calling it....


IE8, I mean..


"Internet Explorer Hate" 


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No issues here SINCE I've gone to Vista 64, though certainly not my favorite OS. I have acces to the MSDN, but out of shear lazyness haven't tried Windows 7 or rolled my main OS back to XP.


Who uses IE anything anyways?

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Originally Posted by krp8128 View Post


Who uses IE anything anyways?

How bout that NetScape


I've found that Safari works best here.

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so how do I make all that fine print scroll up the screen?




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We use IE8 here. We found a wierd anomolly, on 3 differen websites involving banks and financial institutions, we have found that when loggin gin after the updates we have been asked to answer challenge questions that we did not previously establish. One bank asked us right up front whether we downloaded 8 or not, apparently this is not unique. In all 3 cases, there were not challenge questions and they re-set the profiles but it appeared to be browser related. All 3 companies had established challenge questions but we never se them up. With the IE8, for some reason, it triggered thier systems to pose the challenge question. I am not a tech-head so I can't explain why, but it has happened 3 times on 3 different PC's. Anyone else see this?

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Lot's of secure servers will recognize when you try to log in from an IP address or particular browser/machine combination you haven't used before.  My bank did that to me last year when I started using FireFox and again every time I update a browser, OS, or VPN connection I have to answer security questions.  So far they have been the security questions I typically use.  If I see one I don't know I exit the browser and then open it and try to log in again.  Doing so usually generates a different question.


What I've noticed with IE8 is that many secure websites come up blank so you have to use the compatibility view to use them.  That really sucks, especially if you don't know how to turn on compatibility view because the browser doesn't suggest it.  It just displays a blank page with the correct URL like the website is broken or something.

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thanks!  Yes, I didn't know about the compatibility button until my tech pointed it out.

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