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If you were picking a location for your ski cabin in Colorado...

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I finally decided that Summit County is where I would like to build or buy a modest ski home. Two years ago the choices on my short list were down to the Wasatch mountains adjacent to Salt Lake City or Summit County. However, Summit County is actually a resonable driving distance from southern Louisiana and more importantly Summit County has a lot more to offer in the summer time when the temperature and humidity in Louisiana evens our at 95 degrees and 95 percent respectively.


My wife and I are heading to Colorado this summer and will look at real estate in the Breckenridge, Vail, Silverthorne and surrounding areas. I'm not sure if we want to be close to a specific resort that we consider our "home" mountain or if we want a more central location as a jump off point to multiple resorts. That decision may work itself out during our trip.


I know that many forum members live in Summit County and I would appreciate all comments, personal experiences, advice, etc. I'm sure there are any number of important criteria that I haven't even considered.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Excellent!  s/b an interesting thread to monitor as there are many epic folks who have recently done same or planning to do so as you are now.


Certainly a great position to be in; picking a resort serving as your backyard or finding a central location that balances the best of all.  With respect to your referenced locations including Vail; both Summit [and Eagle] counties have a lot to offer and considering all our friends living from Dillon through Edwards, I have yet to find anyone not consider themselves fortunate to have all the skiing resorts within a snowballs toss [with bonus fortune for some having particular hill near their doorstep].


Always the compromise with community, traffic, entertainment, shopping, etc…but that said, if you don’t have to compromise and your definition of modest is…well…obscene …then I say buy Loveland ski resort as they are looking for just the right owner and I’d bet a “modest” home could be made out of the cabin up top Lift Two [a patrol snowmobile thrown in as well]  


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First, you are looking at a beautiful area.  However, and this is a left field observation that might not apply to you, but...last time I was in Summit County for a week I did not sleep well and definitely felt the altitude having an adverse effect on my skiing even late in the week when I'd go above ~11,500 feet.  It made me wonder about longer stays in the future?  Believe the aforementioned Edwards near Beaver Creek is about 2000 feet lower, which could make a difference in this regard.  Caveat, I have demonstrated some sensitivity to elevation issues in the past.

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Ok, we went through the same process a few years ago. First a lot of questions. Budget? Are we talking house, condo, etc. Second, what are your priorities? Skiing over everything? Summer? Nightlife vs peaceful? Rental? Build vs buy? Snob or laid back?


Every area in Summit has it's strengths and weaknesses and it takes a while to figure out where your needs fit. We have a house in Keystone and one of our neighbors is from Lafayette, LA.

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Well you may have thought of this already, but after looking at and penciling out 2nd homes for the last 12 months, I came to the conclusion it is waaaaaaay cheaper to just rent where I want to go for the 1-2 months a year I would use the property and invest my down payment and monthly payments elsewhere.

Heck then as my mood changes, it is easy to book next year in Jackson Hole, rather than spending one more year in Vail. It is also dirt cheap to buy time share weeks on Ebay in CO, especially summer. Just sayin, from a money management stand point, 2nd homes are not such good returns on your money.

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liv2ski's suggestion is the way I've been thinking lately for my own future.  Renting for a month, say in April, might be fairly easy, low cost, and put you somewhere that has a cheapo spring ski pass.  Of course there aren't too many US ski areas that stay open throughout April, but Abasin and Loveland are among them.

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"Home", especially second home,  is just an expense, wherever you are, and you wish you can make some money when you sell. And rentals, are more so.


Investement in real estate is a calculated, predetermind plan that will give you cash returns on your money, plus the pleasure, if you buy it right in or around a ski resort. Yesterday, I made an offer to an apartment complex with 11 units, 3 3bed rooms and 8 2 bed rooms, near Heavenly ski area. It has positive cash flow as the units are rented to year round tenants, in addition, I can live there free. I think I have made a balance of investment and pleasure.

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We're planning on moving once my kids are in college. I plan to relocate my practice so money won't be an issue. I'm not going to Summit Co., though....see ya on I-70!

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Well I sure as heck am not going to just anounce it on the internet! It wouldn't be perfect for long.

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