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race programs in Michigan

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I may be relocating from WI to northwest Indiana and will need to find a race program for my kids (9 and 7...with the 3 year old closing fast!!!!).  I am familiar with programs in the UP of Michigan...but way to far.  Are there any programs in the southern part of Michigan, or northern Indiana?



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Check with Bittersweet or Timber Ridge. Both have a very active Nastar/League program for adults, so they probably have even stronger kids programs.


I believe that Kermit Anderson coaches at Timber Ridge, and he's really, really good.

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Check the USSA web site and look for the Member Club Directory.

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CUSSA held a race at Cannonsburg near Grand Rapids this past season and WinAlpine runs a training program there also. Timber Ridge has a program but I don't know much about it. Bittersweet is owned by a former Michigan high school champion, so I would think that they have a program. I checked their website but, it didn't give any detail.



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Here another location to check out.

Great Junior program, Mark is the Head Coach.



Also, a good adult race program.


HS ski racing is starting to take hold at this area also.


Look under programs on Swiss website.



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