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Hell no! It was an "eat up as much powder in 2 hours as we can" type lesson. That was when I discovered that in deep powder, terminal velocity is just above the comfortable speed, and makes it 10x as intense. I basically follwed his blurry (from the snow blown up by his skis) shape though the trees and over the drops. Some of those drops were over 15 feet! I think the only tip he gave me was "make bigger turns". I don't know if he knew if just follwing him would be best for me or if he just wanted to enjoy a powder day! I don't know his name, he was a fairly young guy.
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When the snow is like that at Sugarbowl, you just have to find something steeper!
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Don't worry about offending me. I get pounded on all the time - it's part of my purpose here. Haven't you figured that out yet?

Also, I have this sneaking suspicion that any time someone here gets in trouble at work, or is mad at their boss, they take it out on me.

"If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad."
Sheryl Crow
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I got a good tip from a friend last year while skiing the woods at Brighton.

He said, "Forget that cutsie stuff (turns); match your turns to the snow conditions".

You need to carry some speed and let the ski bend naturally in the powder, giving it time to do so, never hurrying the turn.
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Yeah Sugarbowl. I would have found something steeper if it was open they closed silverbelt and east face due to avalanches (actually had one inbounds that day) and crowsnest was not running, strawberry fields and overland was also closed due to avalanche danger. All we could do was ski where they had groomed the previous night and even then it was almost knee deep powder!
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Was it a "group" lesson ie black diamond challenge? Scott Mathers takes out the black diamond group pretty often and he looks young. short compact guy and really moves. If it was the black diamond challenge (Lvl 8-9) He mentioned it's not really a class but a guided tour of the best snow/steeps on the mountain and maybe a few tips along the way so if no one was asking for help he would have just kept going sounds like you had fun..
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It was their level 9 group lesson. But I was the only one there. Just my luck, that happens about 1/2 the time I take a lesson. This guy was tall. In his early 20's.
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re: your Sugarbowl day. I guess there's something to be said for snowboards.
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yeah, that's the black diamond challenge. Their group classes only go up to level 8 don't remember a tall young guy in the line up. We had 7 start in our class and one got kicked out after the first run because of "control issues". You lucked out.. Good job..
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RE snowboards, most of the guys on boards were having a hard time too. it was that strange. The snow was medium heavy on top surface but very light underneath. It made everything just sink in (boards included) and since it was so light underneath you couldn't get a "float" started to get going fast enough.
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