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New Skis

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Im in the market for some new skis! Been looking about and there is soo many to choose from and different styles. So hopefully you guys can help me.

I consider myself as a advance-expert skier (not exactly sure but im comfortable on all runs in Australia). Looking for a good pair of skis that will last me for a while as im off to Japan next year and plan to ski abroad each year.

I like to ski mostly piste runs back may do the one here or there on the soft stuff. Looking at mid to top end perhaps but would like to know which skis to start looking at. I weigh about 70kg and around 167cm tall.

Skis i had in mind were Rossi Zeniths or the K2 Apaches. Are they something I should be looking at and are they a good ski?

Your help is much appreciated! Thanks.

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Guz, check out member gear/ski reviews, you can match your size and skill level with some of the other poachers thorough testing/reviews.

I just picked up a pair of Head Mojo 94s, you may start with one of those reviews as your level matches mine somewhat.


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Thanks, will check them out. I was just seeing what people thought too.


To be precise i was looking at the Apache Recons and Xplorers. Also the Rossignol Zenith z6 or z10 or z11.


Any good for what im looking for?


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I have no experience with any of those. I tend to go stiffer and full length due to my size and style, long turns and fast!

I've been on Ninthward First Blood 180s the past two seasons, only 91mm at the waist, which I love. Still ski an old pair of Volkl Snow Ranger 200s on ocassion, and spent 5 seasons on a pair of 2001 Xscreams(for sale). Missed a season in there due to a knee injury and a move, so I missed the extra time for testing other boards.

I can tell you one thing, I won't ski anything shorter than a 180, I'm 6'2", as an all-mountain board, and even at that I use a RF2 binding.

Sorry I can't be more help.

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Your best bet is to demo skis if possible.


Which Apache are you considering.  Apache is a K2 line of skis that includes the Xplorer, Recon, Crossfire, Outlaw, Sidewinder, Ranger, Rader, etc.


I'm not familiar with the Rossi models, but if the one you're considering has a foam core instead of the wood cores used in the K2s, they most likely will be less durable.


My personal favorite among the Apache line is the Xplorer, but I also ski a lot on Recons and some on Crossfires. 

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I can vote for the Recons if you are truly mostly on the groomers.  They will handle some off -piste, but as soon as the snow is over five inches, I'd be looking for wider skis.  I haven't been on the Xplorers, but everyone I've talked to likes them.  

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Thanks, will check them out. I was just seeing what people thought too.


To be precise i was looking at the Apache Recons and Xplorers. Also the Rossignol Zenith z6 or z10 or z11.


Any good for what im looking for?



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Well now i am tossing up between the K2 Recons and the VolkI MC30.


Oh and someone mentioned elan mags i think... they really think there a good ski. Never herd of them, are they any good?

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Guz, you might identify what you like or don't like about your present boards, see what the manufacturer saays and skier reviews. When you know what you want to change about your next ski, flex and width, groomers or off-piste, you'll be closer to zeroing in on that group of boards.


For example, I have been moving towards wider skis the past two years, so I found a purpose built, stiff, all-mountain ski in a 180 and a 91mm waist. Didn't want to leap from an Xscream at 65mm to a 100mm stick, but I wanted a "no speed limit" ski. I still ski on a pair of Volkl Snow Rangers that have an 80mm waist, so I figured I could get use to a 90 or so.


I just got the Mojo 94, I wanted a ski with a tad softer shovel and a tad more width, better powder board, if I could fnd it. I ski full length being 6'2" and 200lbs. out of the shower. Other Bears here with that build and my skier level makes it pretty easy, plus some of the reviewers here can write Pulitzer reviews.


I think you get the idea. There are soooo many boards to choose from that the differences from one pair to the next can be mind-blowing.


I see you say your height is 5'6"and weight at 170 lbs, try giving a skier level number (1-10) and other Bears will step up with their recommendations. 

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Thanks for your advice.


Well as you said 5'6"and weight at 170 lbs and skier level is probably 7 or 8 out of 10.

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