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May 24th @ abasin..

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check out the crowd there this afternoon!


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The only times I have been skiing at A-Basin have been various Memorial Day weekends, and it has always been busy!

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check out the crowd there this afternoon!



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There was a beer festival going on today.  Buy a cup for $20.00 and drink till you drop.  It's an annual tradition.  All the local breweries and then some are there.

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Had to be the beer 'cause it didn't freeze Sat night, wet and soft top to bottom at 9am, and it started raining off and on about 10:30. Still, the goats were up on North Pole and turns were made.

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Even with all the exposure, and forecast for marginal skiing, I'd rather to have been there than here yesterday.


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You are right TechChich. The weather was not at its most comfortable but turns and funs were still to be enjoyed. Geoffda and I enjoyed a GS clinic lead by Ron Emery Sunday morning and plan to return this morning for a SL Clinic. Still 14 days available until the lifts close.

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