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What's your MLB team?

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Mine's the Yankees. Arod has 5 hr in the past week, with 7 hr in 49 at bats so far this season. Teixera hit his 13th hr on the season 10 minutes ago, marking his 5th hr in the past week (also batting .350 with 10 rbis in the past week).


Curious to see about every one else... assuming a lot of Red Sox, Rockies, and SF Giant fans.

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Here's my hometown team


From their first championship season.....


Sorry it's a slow loading link.

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I have just the reply to this thread:



In the order of preferance:


NY Mets (NL) lived on LI 84-89, loved the 86 Mets!

Durham Bulls (Minors) play less than two miles from my house

Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays AL parent of the Bulls

Minnesota Twins (AL)-went to many games at the old Met Stadium when I lived there as a kid.  I guess I last really followed them in the Kirby Pucket and Frank Viola Homer Hanky days.  Never saw them play in the MetroDome, but still a sentimental favorite when they play other teams not listed above.


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Phils and Yankee fan. Every sports team owner should have George Steinbrenner's desire to win.  

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Halifax is my home. Nova Scotians have a lot of ties to New England and the American broadcast feeds we receive are from Boston. I pull for Boston teams in 3 of the 4 major sports. So, go Sox!


I picked the Habs over the Bruins though. :)


In the NL I support the Astros. I lived in Houston for 4 years while i was in elementary school and they were the first team I saw live.

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Used to be the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Anybody know why there's no MLB franchises in Nebraska or New Mexico??














because if Pittsburgh found out, they'd want one too.

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Good one jimmy.  At least they're ahead of the Astros (for now).  Friday is Scout Night at the Bulls game.  I'm taking my son.  We will meet about 500 other scouts and parents out front and have a parade in around the field then take our seats.  They're supposed to have fireworks after the game.  They are playing the Toledo Mud Hens.  I doubt Klinger will be there though


It is supposed to rain here all day Friday but end and be cool 70s in the evening.  I hope it lets up before time to get out of the car.  I guess I'll need to bring a towel to dry our seats and rain ponchos for the kids.

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