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Hi everybody,


I need some advice about buying my first pair of skis and boots. I started skiing last winter and I liked it a lot. I took couple of lessons and I am able to ski parallel now. I am on easy blues most of the time but I want to improve my technique. Given the my ability level, last year I was on the groomed terrain all the time but if I get better I may want to explore the mountain a little bit. Although I do not do any sports regularly I do some other sports -bike, tennis- now and then and I can say that I am quite fit. I am 27. 


Ok, here is the question; Do you think Atomic Nomad Highnoon which I picked after lots of reading and internet search and Nordica Speedmachine 10 which I just tried in the store today -fit wise it was the best compared to Solomons and Technicas that I tried- can be a good combination for me?


Any other suggessions are also welcomed!



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Welcome to Epic


I haven't skied the Nordicas, but make sure your boots are pretty snug in the store as they will tend to pack out the more you ski them...how many fingers did you have behind your heel when they did the shell fit?  If no shell fit was done, try another shop.



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Other Suggestions -


#1 - Read everything here (Ask The Boot Guys).  There is lots of good info and though the boot fitters are taking a summer break, some are still paying attention and might answer.  There is enough info in their forum that many of your questions should be answered.  You don't have to agree with everything.  The important part is you know all the different views.


#2 - Go to get boots from a reputable boot fitter.  Bring someone in the know with you if you aren't sure.  You aren't buying running shoes.  The only thing that fit/feel like ski boots are ski boots and if you've only been in rentals, you don't know what it should feel like yet.  I learned the hard way and ended up buying another new pair of boots because I didn't do my research FIRST.  I now love my boots and ski way better that I'm out of the first pair I bought.


# 3 - Buy boots that fit correctly, and are good boots.  Don't get caught in the "these boots are good enough for how I ski" mistake.  Get boots that fit perfect and can handle more of the mountain than you can.  You'll grow into the boots performance quicker than you think and especially if they are properly fitted.  Don't ever think that only experts need expert boots.  That's crap.


#4 - Whatever else you get will be more beneficial to you because you are on properly fitting boots.  You'll even like your goggles more because your feet don't hurt.  OK.  That's an exaggeration but not by much.


#5 - Take more lessons.  I did an adult clinic last season and it was short money for what I got.  Don't get me wrong, I still suck but I suck a lot less than I used to.  The better the skiers are that you ski with, the better you'll start skiing.


#6  - Embrace this community and all that it brings. You have about 6-7 months to read all the forums here before ski season starts again.


Welcome and enjoy,



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Boot was really tight and my feet was not moving at all. However I do not know what shell fit is, and for sure no shell fit was done. I think another shop suggestion is valid in this situation.

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Thanks for the suggestion, point is taken!

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