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SeeMore Putter

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My putting woes are documented elsewhere. Over my 50 years of golf I've bought and kept one of almost every type putter ever made but never a SeeMore. I picked up a demo a few days ago, followed the instructions and made three straight 10 footers on a flat practice green. Alignment seemed automatic. Anyone with experience with a SeeMore?

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The USGA must  have rules against that thing.  It is way too simple and makes too much sense.  Where are all the moving parts?  That even ought to help keeping the head still.  WOW!

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I have a friend who just started using one, swears he makes everything. They've been around a while, just catching on?

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I'm getting my ball marking pen out, and my old Ping is getting a little decoration.

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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

The USGA must  have rules against that thing. 

According to their website, Zach Johnson won the 07 Masters with one. 

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Ok now I remember this thing - this is the putter with the "hide the red dot" technology. I've never seen one in person, but the made three 10 foot putts in a row thing rings a bell. I made 8 out of 10 while trying out the last putter that I bought. That feeling makes the purchase decision a D'uh! moment.

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Hmm this sounds an aweful lot like the Al Czervik putter...... :)

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Did it!  The cheap way of course with the ball marker on my Ping, think it is helping.  Have played 2 rounds with the dot have laid down 5 1 putts a round, normally I have 2-3

I have a pretty good putting stroke and have worked hard on keeping the head still, think the dot is helping more with the still head.  Don't often 3 putt and had only 1 the last two rounds.  Today there were another 5 holes that the ball was looking down in the cup, some left some right, as it rolled by.  One conscious swing thought is all I am good for, like my skiing, have to keep it very simple.

Am a VERY big believer in the still head thing, watch the pros, if the head moves too soon the ball is almost always left of the cup for a right hander; watch for it it happens a lot to them too.  

There are 3 things I like with adding the dot:  1/ you can keep an old friend with you.  2/ cheap of course I like free.  3/ you can undo it with a little alcohol when you are ready.  Now to get my Burner driver back, the head was starting to fall off, and don't think it is supposed to do that.

Yes you can try this at home and it really might help. 
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