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ACL construction scheduled ...a few questions.

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Torn my ACL in January 100% (as per the MRI) and some meniscus damage.  In late March I skied very cautiously on it as I was considering opting to live with it as it.  I hated the way it felt quicky order a custom brace and scheduled surgey which is next week.  The problem is that since then I actually feel reasonably good. It hardly has buckled, I cycle a ton, I lift weights and I'm ok with limiting my running.  Should I cancel surgery and see how I do with custom brace for full ski season?  Am I more prone to further injury?  I did my left knee in 1998 and dread the rehab.  ugh

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Only you can answer that question. You "cycle a ton", "lift weights" and you run...and you dread rehab?


Of course you are prone to further injury without an ACL.


I hardly did any rehab and my knee was as good as pre injury 7 months after surgery (hamstring autograft). Skied hard, very hard, and hiked alot 15 days last season. I know what I would do if I tore my other one.


Cancel surgery? Are you nuts?

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I know you already had your surgery but thought I would throw another spin on this anyway.  Also for those that haven't had surgery yet.


I tore my acl 13 months ago.  I also sprained my mcl.   The acl has continuity but is useless.  I also had arthrofibrosis (scaring of the tissue) which prevented having reconstruction surgery in the middle of my reconstruction surgery.  This forced me to work my leg everyday so I would be eligible for surgery again.


2 months ago the surgeon said "There is nothing surgery can do that will make it better than it is".  This is after telling him that I went skiing 36 times to include joining the beer league and starting to race in NASTAR.  I wore a brace each and every time.  I ski better and harder than I ever have.


I'm 5'7 and 170# and my bindings are set at max (8).  I'll be 50 in 7months.  And I've even fallen hard enough twice to come out of them.


If I were to have a fall that would tear my acl, I would end up with meniscus damage instead of a torn acl. (according to the OS).  I would venture that "I" am no more prone to an injury because I tore previously and I'm more aware of what causes it.  I wear the brace whenever doing any type of agility stuff; skiing, log work in the woods etc.  I completely changed my ski gear and style and this helps lessen the chance.


Do I do a lot of rehab?  Yup. It's now part of my life.  In fact I'm typing this while I'm on the stationary bike (your new best friend by the way).


Something else a different surgeon told me "There is nothing that surgery can't make worse."


Each person has to weigh the risks to see if it is worth it to them.


I would recommend NOT having surgery for something rehab can fix.


I would recommend NOT delaying surgery if it is the best way to fix something.  Fastest isn't necessarily the best.


Yes I wish I had an ACL but at this point I have no intentions of having that surgery.


Best wishes on your recovery.  Treat your knee like a child you are nurturing to grow and be better.  Not an infant that can't do anything.  It's not about sucking it up.  It's about doing what is right for you and your knee.



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Well, depends how stable the knee is.  I know people who are very limited without an ACL.  Myself, I've skied, biked, hiked climbed hard for 14 years without one.  Still no problems and my US Ski team doc friend tells me not to get it fixed.   Here's a thread I started on it, with the banned uncle crud showing his character:




It seems everyone who had it fixed claims it is necessary.  They don't want to hear that it may not have been worth it.  I have known several people who have gone without the surgery, some with great results, some not so great.  (same can be said for those who had the surgery)

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Right.  Forgot to mention the stability.  That was key in the OS recommending not having the surgery.  He said that if he didn't know (actually see) my acl was torn, he wouldn't think it was because it was so stable.


I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough to ski without my brace, but I'm not worried because it is no impact in comfort.  It also works that I have krypton pros and the gold id liner is very high.  This way the brace will never slip down.

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Glad I got my ACL reconstruction 14-15 months ago as I had a great 61 ski day ski season this past ski season. I am still skiing at a high level. All I had was a ruptured ACL though, so I avoided meiscus/cartilage damage.

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