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Paragliding In Torrey Pines

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Had a biz conference in San Diego last week so Mrs, Finn and I did some great hiking around in Torrey Pines State park which was incredible and even took a golf lesson at the famous course itself. Ocean Beach was a very cool surf town.  The highlight of the trip was paragliding at Torry Pines Gliderport.  Here are some pics and video. It was fantastic, silent, smooth and probably the closest to being a bird you can be. The pilot was great and let me fly it for a few minutes. Kinda' like skiing in the sky. The take off area is a cliff band above Blacks beach. They are about 300-350 feet high.  You fly over Torrey Pines Golf Course North Course, then down a couple of miles towards Lajolla.  We made some great tight bank turns.


VIDEO's  http://www.flickr.com/photos/rlcpics/3551773920/   this is my wife's flight.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/rlcpics/3551294151/  This is my flight, I held the camera for a birds eye view.





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Wow, really cool!  Had you ever done this before?

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Nope, it if wasn't for my wife, I may not have gone. From afar, it looks scary, but once you get to the takeoff/landing its not so bad. It's really very peaceful!

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Very cool. See any dolphins along the way?

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Saw some over by Lajolla area.

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...even more jealous.


That's a really pretty area... 

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I'm jealous too! 


I've gone paragliding once here at Jackson Hole and it's just incredibly fun.


That's a really beautiful spot.  Did you fly low enough to check out the people who frequent Black's Beach?  If you did, you'll know what I mean.  Clothing is, shall we say, optional.


I went surf fishing along that beach a few years ago and was rather surprised. (It definitely wasn't )

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Hey Bob, I would like to paraglide there too! We didn't fly that low as you don't want to have to land on the beach and have to hike out! Remember the golden rule of nude beaches: 99% of those on a nude beach shouldn't be.....  :)


It is incredibly beautiful, especially flying over the GC. it's the 4th hole.

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I would love to do all of the above.

I NEED a golf lesson!

I WANT to paraglide!

Thanks for sharin! 

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For those is the Northeast, Ellenville NY is the mecca for Hang and Para Gliders. If you want to see the site (Landing Zone) and a real treat do a google image search for "Roger Baker" he does some amazing "Lawn Art" in the Landing Zone. 

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