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Need advice for new skis for a lady skiing SE slopes

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 Can I please get some advice from the ladies on the purchase of a new pair of skis? (or guys who can speak for their ladies)  I ski blues/blacks on the SEast coast.  N.C. and yes, even TN   My husband refuses to quit his job and relocate for my skiing pleasure   I have been skiing on Solomon Siam 400 135 cm, for 4 years now.  I bought these when I first started skiing and I was afraid of  a longer length.  I'm 5'6", 120 lbs.  Even though we live in TN, my son and I skiied 25 days last year.  Obviously, we are skiing groomed slopes, often icy and choppy by the end of the night.  I'm recovering from ACL surgery and want to start off next year with new skis (I think I deserve it!)  So... suggestions on what to purchase?  There is a vast amount of experienced skiiers on this forum and I would very much appreciate any input. Thanks.

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I'm guessing that coming off an ACL injury, you won't want to be linking edge-locked GS turns down icy slopes at mach looney.  And you probably don't want an SL ski with an exaggerated side cut, as they are prone to "hooking" you around and possibly doing more bad things to your knee. 


You probably skid your turns a bit, and want a ski that releases you from a turn easily - i.e., a twin tip.  At 120 lbs, you need a softer flex (women's specific or park skis).   And, on hardpack/ice, you probably want a ski that feels more stable, which means longer length (~165cm).  You will probably want a waist width of about 70-85mm.  Narrower waists are easier to get up on edge; wider waists feel more stable .  If you really like to swing your skis sideways, you'll want lighter weight, although you may sacrifice some stability for that. 


The above considerations will give you a place to start in your search.  When you've narrowed things down, try to demo.  Reading and educating yourself helps, but it's not the same as trying a bunch of different skis on snow.  For instance, in most conditions I like longer skis that are stiff underfoot but with soft, rockered tips and tails, bulletnose/early taper tip shape, lightweight, with a straighter sidecut and conventional camber.  But I never would have known that unless I'd demoed a bunch of skis. 


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Thanks Acrophobia, that gives some good things to consider  

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 Hi Highflyin, Welcome to EpicSki.

I'm not experienced with ACL injuries, but I can imagine that Acrophobia's information is fairly close to what I'd say in regards to looking for something in the mid/high 70's waist.  In fact, the first ski I thought of for you is what Philpug's wife is skiing on which is a Blizzard Viva 7.6,.......

Mostly I think the best advice is to make sure you have good, properly fitted boots, then take a short list to demo and see what gives you the biggest grin 


Skis I'd put on the short list to demo are

Blizzard Viva 7.6 (or others in the Viva line)

Head Wild One

K2 Lotta Luv

Fischer Vision Breeze


^^^ these for starters...




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Ditto to both of the above.


Get properly fitted boots first, then do some demoing.

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