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Sup EpicSki!


been looking on the site for a fair while, but havnt found what im really after... probably wont ever get it lol.


im in the market for my 1st set of skis, ive been skiing since i could walk and spend time here and OS in all conditions. im 6'2" approx 80kg +/- 5 lol. tested loads of skis last year and the year before, mainly Volkl Bridge, Mantra, rossi bandits, some old 1080s n a few others.


im here becuase im curious why there arnt many people refering to the bridges when someone asks fro a good all mountain ski, im not promoting or saying its the best but out ofwhat ive tried i liked it the most. i skied them in powder, moguls inbetween trees and on groomers, not saying they're better than bandits in bumps or mantras in pow, just curious to here someones pov who skis more than me knows more than me.


all mountain for me is obviously jack of all trades master of none, capable in bumps pow park n groomers. i love bumps n skiing aus my skis will need to be quick for them, i like to hit the park so twins are a must, pow for OS trips (happens a fair bit).

ive come up with a list of what i view as potentials, your comparisons/critiques would be sweet.


all 2010 models,

K2 Kung Fujas - 179s

Volkl Bridge - 177s

Armada ARV - 185s?

4FRNT MSP - 181s


also bindings are somthing ive never really thought about, what recomendations for the above would one recomend?



Thanks in advance guys n gals!