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Snowbird this time of Year

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Anyone go to Snowbird lately?  My parents live at the bottom of little cottonwood canyon (just moved there).  I was thinkig of going to there this weekend.


What should I expect in terms of conditions?

Is there enough terrain open?

Rocks, dangers, or nice and covered?



Just want to be sure it would be worth it.



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I've been there in mid to late April. You'll probably have to hike the last bit at the base to get back to the tram, but you'll probably want to spend most of the day lapping Little Cloud anyway. The snow is typically firm in the morning, then corns up then gets slushy. On a board, this should not be a problem, but I recommend Zardoz Notwax to help stop your board from sticking in very wet snow. Severe SPF protection is a must. The most difficult part is dressing appropriately, dress too lightly and you will be subject to snow burn if you fall. Wear a black helmet and you will get cooked. Hydration is also much more important this time of year. Many late season riders quit by 2PM to avoid the worst slush and heat. There will be thin spots and some places there may be falling rocks. That said, it's worth it!

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