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software for logging your ski season?

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anybody have any suggestions for good software for logging your ski season?  i've googled around and come up with a complete donut, which really surprises me.  right now i'm just using a notebook that i transcribe into Evernote when i get home, but i'd really like something that combines the functionality of Snow Days (http://www.mountaindynamics.com/en/sdtbl.php) so i can see where i've gone as well.

a perfect app for me would be:

- web-based (i've got a mac with a windoze emulator but web-based seems the way to fly here)

- ability to take notes on resort, gear, weather, etc.

- gps and hrm data upload, speed and distance tracking, altitude etc.


- completely indexed and searchable so i can find what i need later.

- an iPhone app so i can log on the go and have it sync to the cloud.

ok, maybe i'm getting a bit greedy with the last one!  i use TrainingPeaks (http://home.trainingpeaks.com/) for general fitness and offseason mountain biking logging, and i can upload hrm and gps data there, but it's not really designed to be an ideal ski log.

anybody have any suggestions here?  it doesn't have to meet all of the above criteria, but considering i've got nothing at all now, anything would be better!

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Just in case you're still looking, and for the record, I'm in the same situation. I use a Garmin ForeTrex 201 wrist-mount that I'm very happy with, apart from the buttons being too small to operate with gloves on. The best Mac apps I've found are Ascent and Trailrunner.

Ascent pros:
Lots of detailed info, graphs
Diary with weekly/monthly/yearly totals for distance, ascent etc
Direct GPS support
HRM support
Clunky interface, editing spurious points off a route is painful

TrailRunner pros (3.0 currently in beta):
Very pretty interface, mapping
Good diary system
Really quite buggy (even current 2.0 release version), seems to be a release every week or so
Speed graphs are pretty, but smoothed to the point of meaninglessness!
Lacks detailed control of Ascent

Ascent would be best if it was prettier, Trailrunner if it wasn't so buggy! Hard to choose.

I've not found any decent online services either. Snowranger (I'm Synchro on there) is pretty cool in the way it divides up runs/lifts/breaks etc, but it's a bit dumb in other ways - it doesn't filter spurious points that say you're doing 200mph for 5 seconds, and it doesn't split days within a single GPX file, so it currently says I've done 60,000m vertical in 6 days when it was actually about 12. I'd love a straightforward visual track editor: It would be nice to be able to delete that ill-advised foray into the woods when trying to record a track for others to follow!
I'd even live with a Windows app (I run VMWare), but all the ones I've found are limited and butt-ugly - there's a huge list here - tell me if you find something good!

I compiled Viking with MacPorts, and while it's seriously clunky, it does work and provides basic selection and editing of data points and resaves to GPX files rather than its own proprietary format.

I've tried Ascent and GPSies for iPhone, but the iPhone GPS is nowhere near as good as the Garmin, it's prone to interruption if you get called and it eats battery, and taking gloves off to operate it at -20 is a no-no. The apps are too simplistic compared to the desktop ones. I've not tried OutFront. I find the garmin works fine all day even when it's really cold, which is impressive when you consider it's exposed all the time.

Regarding the contentious tracking of speed with GPS, I've had good results repeating the same run, getting up to a shade under 80mph (125km/h) with fair consistency. I'm off to an xspeed day in Flaine tomorrow, will be interesting to compare properly set up timing beams with the GPS.
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A little update.
Trailrunner's speed graph smoothness is selectable in preferences. They've fixed a bunch of bugs in the 3.0 beta since my last post.
The speed day was interesting. Over 5+ runs, my GPS was well within +/- 1Km/h of the speed reported by the TAG timing gear, except for one run where it was out by about 20Km/h. Most of the places I ski, my GPS reports a 3D accuracy of about 4m, though it drops significantly in narrow gulleys or next to cliffs.
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I've been using iTrailMap 3D on my iphone.  I'm not sure if it has all of the features you seek, but it is a pretty cool program if you have an iPhone.
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