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Cheap Lessons At Breck!

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Breckenridge has unlimited group lessons for $99!


You have to have a buddy or colorado pass.
Good Wednesday thru Saturday.
All day or half day.
Black out dates 12/25 thru 1/7.
On sale thru 12/1 - better hurry!!!

I bought mine over the phone today. They just link it to my pass.

I called 888-LRN-2SKI.

I'm hoping to take my first lesson there tomorrow! If I can squeeze in 10 lessons this year, that's $9.90 per lesson!!!! I'll probably need 10, I'm training resistant!
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Thanks for the info! What a great deal!

Too bad I don't have the actual Buddy Pass... I bought the Learn-to-ski program which as a psuedo-buddy pass
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Somebody has been reading my posts afterall.

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at LB's urging, I went ahead and tried to get the lessons mentioned above... even tho I don't have an official "Buddy Pass". The guy at Breck said as such, but then checked with someone... apparently there wasn't an issue. I hope when I show up at the ski school, the $99 package is activated.

So, if you have the Learn-to-Ski/Ride program, try for it anyways!

(I'm gonna learn to board this year too )

Oh, you have to do it by tomorrow 4pm.
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This program has brought quite a few upper level skiers into our ski and ride program. FYI this program may be extended, so if any Buddy pass or Colorado pass holders didn't get a chance to sign up, check with the ski and ride program.
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