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Looking for wool bottom mid-layer...

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Can anyone recommend a bottom mid-layer made out of wool, preferably marino? 


I'm trying to get a way from fleece and more into natural fibers that breathe and don't smell.  Shirts I've had no problem finding but bottoms tend to be either like long-johns (skin-tight, double-flap fly) or like hunting pants (pockets, belt-loops, bulky).  I want something that I can wear over a lightly poly base layer and under shell pants. 


Also, I usually drive up to the mountain in my mid-layer (fleece now) and don't put the shell pants on til I start skiing.  So they need to look like warm-up pants.  I'd prefer something that is close fitting but not tight like a base layer and with a drawstring waist but elastic might be okay.


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Check out IceBreaker's MidWeight Rapid Legging.  I've not tried them, but sounds close to what you're looking for.  There are also tons of wool base layers available so you could shed that poly base layer as well - assuming you can tolerate wool against your skin.


Also lots of input about wool in this thread from the fall:  Wool base layer comments

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I've looked at some of the IceBreaker stuff and it looks pretty good.  I even ordered a top off SAC.


You know what is royally p!ssing me off?  All the pictures are black.  On a monitor, you can't really see what the garment it like.  It just looks like a black silhouette.


From what I can tell, that's about as tight as a base-layer.  My only concern we be being able to hike the cuffs up enough to keep them out of my ski boots.  I don't mind a thin LJ in the cuff of my boots (I have skinny calves) but I don't think I'd want me mid-layer.



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Actually this one is the cut I'd be looking for--



A little bit looser so I could just wear take off my shell pants and walk around without looking like a ballerina.


Problem is the spec say they have zipper legs. It those are zippers down by the cuff like some exercise pants have, I wouldn't want that.


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Check out http://www.southerndivide.com

These guys specialize in Base-layers and Mid-layer Merino ski gear. They are one of the few companies that can say they have 100% New Zealand Merino, which is stronger and warmer. I have a couple of layers from these guys which are about 3 years old and still going!

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I like the Icebreaker legless 3/4 offerings, but they are not a loose fit.

When I go on my week long ski trip, I ONLY bring my stash of Icebreaker clothing -> T's, Long Sleeves, gitch, and 3/4 leggings. Its amazing how long they remain odour-free.

- Andy
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