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Question Disc Brakes.

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The disc brakes on my bike have gone a little sloppy.  I have figured out the how they work and have managed to adjust the pads thus getting the brakes to engage sooner.


My question is how much clearance should there be ? Is it doing damage to the disc or pads if they rub ?  The wheel turns freely, however there is a little minor contact ( I can hear it when I lift the wheel and spin it but not when I ride it ) .  Is it wise to leave adjustment it like this or should we back off the pads just a tiny bit more ?


I apologize if this seems like a dumb question ... but I'm relatively new to this new technology.


Thanks in advance for the advice.








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you wont damange anything by a little minor contact. As long as your willing to trade some rolling for alittle better brake feel I would leave it with alittle contact.


I can break down what else you need to do(to get them perfect) but first I need to know what model disc brakes you have.

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Even if some people (including whole bunch of servicemen around here) would disagree, setting disc brakes is not really rocket science :) I can say only for Magura XC discs (Julie and Marta), which I have, but I doubt others work much different. Properly set discs shouldn't make any noise, and they shouldn't rub at all (I know there's whole bunch of people trying to say it's normal for discs to rub, but it really isn't).

I never fiddle with pads when it comes to this when discs should engage. Magura has screw on brake handle which sets this thing, even though moving path of handle gets a little bit longer with used pads. Only thing I do with pads is to adjust them so they both touch disc at same time. With Magura, setting pads to specific level is useless anyway, since pads will go by itself next time I squeeze brake.

So if you can, do a bit more, so there won't be any rubbing :) I know sometimes, it's easier to say this, then to do it :)

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Thanks BW for the the quick response. 


Not sure of the make.  It does say "Bengal" which I assume is the model. 


I had figured out the stationary pad ... just not the mechanics of the pad on the cable side.  When I went out to check the make, the cable side came to me all of a sudden.  You think I'd have figured that part out first eh LOL ?  Pretty straight forward in my mind now.  Once I got cable side adjusted where I wanted it ... I was able to back off the stationary pad a touch.


I tinkered around a bit more and I think I've nailed it. 


Thanks for getting me back out to the garage and using my head.



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