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Ron LeMaster's three books

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Being new to skiing, and totally focused when able !-) : If some of you far more knowledgeable folks can advise me, would appreciate it.

Q: What is the difference between the the Ron LeMaster books?

1. The skier's edge

2. the essential guide to skiing: 201 things...

3. Ultimate skiing : yet to be published.


From Amazon, it appears that Skiers Edge is a book with technical facts about skiing, but #2 is a book for not sure who...and any insights on #3 would be appreciated. The gent is obviously high-up in the pantheon of North American instructors and some of the comments on this forum are very complimentary, so am I on the right track that if i did spring for a book, #1 is the one to pick.



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I have skier's edge, but I think it is too technical ( read: I can not totally understand), if you are new to ski, I would recommend "ski the whole mountain" by Eric Deslauriers, very easy to understand and practical.


note: I consider myself only a strong intermediate, so taste could be different.

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As a ski instructor I found "The Skier's Edge" very useful. Its written with rare clarity but, as has been mentioned, is a technical manual. I'm not sure how useful it would be to you. I generally recommend it because it  cuts pretty clearly (for me anyway) through the nonsense that often surrounds skiing advice books and explains the mechanics of good skiing. I'm not familiar with Lemaster's other books. "The Essential Guide" sounds as if it might be right up your alley but I haven't read it.

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snagged skiiers edge, thanks much. am totally into the physics of skiing. objective is to be technically proficient skiier.

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