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Salomon Hurricane's?

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I'm out in the East looking for a versatile ski that would be good for tree and powder skiing.  We get out to west occasionally and seem to find good snow days even here in the east.


I currently own Atomic SX12’s 169 and they are great for hard park and fast cruising.  I also have a great Rossignol mogul ski at 172.  Therefore I have these areas covered.


I’m 47, 155lbs level 8 out of 10.  I ski a lot of trees and mostly inbound blacks, double blacks.


I was also looking at Atomic Crimson and Crimson Ti’s, but I don’t think many are available right now.


I can pickup 2008 Salomon Hurricanes locally for $499 CAN, which looks like a

great deal if the ski fits the bill. 


They have them in 172 and 180, I was thinking of the 172’s for now.


Comments appreciated



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Well, after some further research, I think I have narrowed out the Crimson Ti's.  Seems like they may be too technical for what I'm looking for.


I'm really looking for a FUN ski.  One that can go through powder, trees and run through some softer moguls.  


Really hoping someone who has a good review or owns the Salomon Hurricanes can chime in hear.


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Now wondering if the Salomon Fury would be the best way to go.  Are the Fury's simular to the Hurricanes, maybe a little stiffer?


Can anyone suggest some good online shops?

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Good thought to opt out from the Crimson Ti...your really need more weight to handles them, they are a very beefy ski and riding the rails on these takes big skill and big angulation.  They are not the best in the moguls, but for all mountain they are my choice!

Me? I love them,  I'm 6'5, 260, expert skier ;)  
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