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Bindings for iM82

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I have a brand new pair of 183cm iM82 still shrink-wrapped and waiting for both a pair of bindings and next year's snow (perhaps a few hikes this year too). I have been watching Tramdock and other locations for a good deal on bindings for the skis, but have been having some difficulty in making a decision. FYI, I am 183 lbs naked and usually set my bindings to somewhere between 8 and 9 DIN and I have a sole length of 342 mm. I also have a pair of Legend 8000s with the Fluid/PX12 system which I like but are a bit heavy. I am still vacillating on whether I should get a simple flat mount with the boot sole centered or get one of the Flex series which would allow fore/aft adjustment. Any recommendations? I will be using the skis all-mountain but with primarily off-piste with just a tad of hiking and side-country, perhaps; but I intend to get a more dedicated back/side-country setup later.


I was also considering mounting them myself if the templates are available. OTOH buying at a local retailer now in Seattle would also allow me to get them mounted by them. REI has both the Rossi SAS2 120 Wide binding (100mm brake) for $105 and the Rossi Axial2 Pro (80mm brake) for $90. Weight-wise the two are very similar, the latter being only 60g heavier. As for delta and lift differences, the Rossi website doesn't get that specific and the Axial2 Pros aren't even listed. I did find on some other website that the 2009 model of the SAS2 120 is 13.5mm toe and 18.5 mm heel while the Axial2 Pro has a 20.5mm height toe and 26mm heel; therefore, except for about 7-7.5mm more lift on the Pro. There appears to be really only about 0.5mm difference in the delta between the two bindings; but I don't know how accurate the info is.  I'm trying to ignore the color differences (white (SAS2) and silver/black (Axial2 Pro)) and the potential clashing with the green skis.


So, does anyone have any experience with either binding and willing to make a recommendation for my use? Also, would the 80mm brake of the Axial Pro fit on the 82mm width skis of the iM82 with a bit of bending? Is there any reason, I should not use bindings with a 100mm brake on 82 mm width skis? Finally, should I just wait and still go for some fore/aft adjustability with a Flex series. I really am in a bit of a quandry right now, so I would appreciate any advice.  I just can't seem to make up my mind - maybe it would be best for all of you to decide for me. I would also like to take advantage of the remaining sales on the bindings now since I might try a hike or two too with the skis this spring.


Waiting for more snow (and bindings),


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I am glad to see you are not over thinking this and taking a simplistic approach.  Did you consider either tossing a coin or rock / paper / scissors? 

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I was going to do the coin thing..... but then I couldn't decide if I should use a quarter or a dime...

OTOH, I knew that all of you were probably bored with ski season over, for the most part, in the Northern Hemisphere, so I decided that all of you needed something to do and think about.....



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Head Mojo 12's from Levelnine. 



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If it helps any, I can send you paper templates for Mojo/Peak/LD bindings.  Can even pre-scale them for your sasquatch-sized boots.

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Can you just ski on your boot soles?  Forget binders...too much thinking!


Or flip a penny,nickel, dime, quarter 2000 times each, and you should get a decision by the start of next ski season....


What do I know? 



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OK, you guys are SOOOO funny. Perhaps, you should give up skiing and your day job and join the comedy circuit. I've heard them all - "Hey Buddy, where do your gunbooats call home port?  Hey, you should be a great barefoot water skiier.  Skis?! Hell with skis, just use your boots.... yeah yeah yeah. But, you do know what they say about guys with large ski boots?


Anyways, thanks for the good-natured ribbing. Skier219, if I get one of the Mojo series bindings, I will take you up on your offer of the paper templates.



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 This is soooooo much different than the typical "how do I mount a Goat" thread.


If I understand your thesis, otherwise known as your OP, it seems that you know how and where to mount your Head, you just want help picking out the gear for mounting.


If you decided to do rock paper scissors, you can save your coin for binding purchase. 


I have a Rossi Axial2 150 wide new in the box that I'm not unwilling to sell if you want to have an option for your rock paper scissors choice. 

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Nitty gritty time.


The SAS2 120 WB has 13mm toe lift, 18.5mm heel, 1.0 degree ramp angle, and Free Absorber toe lifter.


The Axial2 120 Pro is about 7mm higher --20.5mm toe lift, 26mm heel -- but claims the 1.0 degree ramp angle.  It uses the Pro 6mm lifter.


Aside from brake widths, the two bindings appear otherwise mechanically identical.


And an 80mm brake will likely fit an 82mm waist without bending.  At most, a slight tweak would do the trick.


I'd go fo the Axial2.

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