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The three phases of skiing

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My friends and I often ponder the following logic to motivate us to go skiing. We are all around 40 with desk jobs and we train with varying intensity for the ski season that is usually about 20 days per year. What logic do you use?

************************************************** ************
In your early adulthood years (15-25) you generally have few commitments to prevent you from skiing and you often do not have enough cash. So you have the body and the time, just not enough money.

In your middle years (25-50), you have the body and cash, but due to commitments just not enough time to get out and ski.

In your later years (50+) you have the cash and the time, but your body can not do everything you want it to do. (like healing quick, response times and energy at superior levels)
************************************************** *************

Consequently, in your middle years, all you have to do is make the time and the experience is probably as good as it will ever get.
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I take it you don't think age and wisdom make up for youth and strength? Curses!
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Put me in a race course, and I'll show you that age and treachery will beat youth and strength almost every time.

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You Go, VSP.

Hey, Nolo, like the Vailman says, wisdom makes up for a lot. Vitamin "I" helps some too.

And my internist put me on Glucosamine this summer when I told him I resisted five-days-a-week treadmilling because my feet got too sore. I think it's helping.
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My philosophy is simple: "Work it or Lose it". I'm in the 50 something group & except for the strongest skiers in the 20,30, & 40 something groups, I out ski all of them. I just don't do much air any longer.

I do alot of cross-training on in-line skates and hiking, backpacking, and some weights. Think Snow !!!!!!!!!!

: whtmt :
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The trick is to live your life backwards.

In my 20's/30's, I retired.

In my 40's/50's I sort of went to work.

In my 60's/70's, I'll really have to have a career. The only trouble is, I'll be too old to be successful. I guess my kids will have to support me.

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I fall into the 25-50 group, except I don't fall into the description. You see I have an aversion to ccccooooommmmiiiittttmmmeennnnnnn
See, I can't even bring myself to say the word.

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Actually, my three phases of skiing are:
1. Fall over
2. Laugh
3. Get up

Repeat as necessary (it applies to skiing & apres-ski) until you fall asleep

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wtfh, sounds like one of our ski pros. Want a job?
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>>sounds like one of our ski pros. Want a job? <<

Yeah, which one?????????--------Wigs
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Are you actually offering ME gainful employment?
What as?

Cause if you have any jobs going, I know a vixen over here who is going to do the Canadian exams in January, and is looking for work after she gets them.

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We always have room for vixens!

If she is interested, we are pretty much done full time hiring for the season, but we look at next year's candidates in the spring. We can get visas, but we would need full certification to do so. However, the visas are fewer as we have an obligation to hire full cert Americans first.

But, a vixen! Wow, maybe we'll have to change the rules.
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Why do I suspect that you are closer 50ish and your vixens are closer to 25ish?
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You make me feel old!
I am closer to 50 than I am to, say 5, and yes, the vixen in question is closer to 25 than to my age.
But she is looking for a job, if possible in Whistler, from February onwards.

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Originally posted by Tom Burch:

Why do I suspect that you are closer 50ish and your vixens are closer to 25ish?
Not in fox's dreams though
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