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Premature Sending

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Often when I'm in the middle of typing a message and I hit the "Enter" key, my message posts.  It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it's very frustrating because I haven't finished the message yet.


Can this be fixed? 

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I have also run into this occasionally.

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What browsers are you experiencing this in?

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Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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Microsoft IE6 and IE7.

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Thanks for reporting this issue.  I'll get it resolved.

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Happened to me twice just now, when I was writing a post about goggles.

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Hi Jimski!  Apologies you encountered that issue twice today.  Can you tell us any more about your work flow for when you encounter the issue?  Is there any possibility that you tapped the "Tab" key before hitting enter? 


We're working to replicate and address the issue.  Thanks for your help!

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I happens when I want to start a new line.  Check out my post yesterday on the goggle thread started by Wags.  See where each question is on its own line?  I hit "enter" (not preceded by tab key) to go to the next line to type in the next question, and my whole message posted.  It happened twice. 

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Just happened again, while posting on the "Where to go for Xmas Break" thread.  Quite annoying: while I'm frantically finishing my message as an edit, I have this half-finished post hanging out there. 

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