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Blizzard Magnum 8.1

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I picked up picked up some blizzard titan argos on ebay for real cheap with the IQ 5-14 TT bindings.  I am 6'4" 250, level 7 or 8 I guess. 


I started thinking that on the smaller end of the quiver i could pick up some other blizzard skis with the IQ system and use the one set of bindings on both.  A few of questions:


1.  Will the bindings work on both?


2.  Does anyone have any Magnum 8.1's for sale without bindings?  (I will also post on gear swap).  I know its a system ski, so most offerings online are offered with the binding--looking for just the ski, new or used in good condition. 


3.  Does this seem like a narrow end of quiver ski for me given my size?  I was thinking about getting the Contact 4X4, but for the possible savings on the bindings. 



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My 2 quiver skis are the Argos and Contact 4X4's.  Argos are outstanding in crud and pow...4X4's sensational on the groomed/hardpack/ice.  Unbeatable combo...for me!

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You will need to find some of this years 8.1's. Next years will have the 51mm binding vs. the 37mm that is on your current Argos. Might be a tough find, Blizzard was shipping one to one ski and binding this season. 


If you happen to find some with some small Duke IQ's, I know someone looking for a pair. 

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