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I met up with a bunch of people from Grays on Trays today - me, John, Jim, Steve and Ann (she's taking the  picture).  It was a bit breezy for most of the day.  The coverage was good.  The snow from mid-mtn down was loose.  The snow from the top to mid-mtn was frozen boilerplate shyte in the morning.  It didn't loosen up till about 1 PM.  Jim and Steve rode alpine boards for the day.  The rest of us chose freestyle boards.  Lots of fun.  I also ran into Lowell Hart leading a trench digger clinic and an instructor clinic that drove over from Steamboat.   At the end of the day on the way up Loveland pass, I stopped and picked up a Maggot and gave him a ride to the top of the pass.  The pass still looks really nice.