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29er build

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Joey adjusting the travel on the Reba.


100_0541.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo



Me installing the bottom bracket bearings.


100_0543.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo



Electric SEX tubing! This is an extremely well made frame!


100_0547.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo



Gettin closer!


100_0545.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


Almost there...


100_0546.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


Unfortunately, I am unable to proceed.  You see, the X9 front derailleur, is the wrong clamp size.  It was purchased for a Niner MCR. We thought it would fit, however, it did not. Joey made the mistake of putting this Deore front derailleur on as a substitute. This cannot be allowed....More pics coming soon!

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I'm a big fan of Ventanas...as you know, I have the single speed version of that frame, the El Commandante.


What's the final build weight do you think? 24 - 25 lb?  That thing will ride so much smoother than you think aluminum is allowed to be, but yet will be so stiff for railing corners and transferring power.


Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

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Build weight is 24lbs. Not bad for a 20 inch frame! I didn't build it to be a light weight. Double butted spokes, brass nipples, Hope hubs, 20mm Maxle. Not the lightest way to build up, but a good compromise between weight and strength.


The El Padrino is a nice ride. The only  problem is the Mrs. won't let it in the bedroom...Last night I slept in the spare room!


The only 'issues' are getting the cockpit right. My last 3 bikes were/are Fishers with the Genesis Geometry. They tend to have very long top tubes. So, I may go to a longer stem, or a set back seat post. But, I'll probably leave it as is.


I'm already looking for a dual squishy 29er frame. Anyone know about the El Rey? I'm a bit confused about Ventana's sizing. The El Padrino is 20 inch, with 23.8 top tube length. The El Rey comes in a 19 inch, with a 24.0 inch top tube; and a 21 inch with a 24.8 inch top tube. Standover height on the 21 inch is... ouch. Not sure about the fit.


I'm used to a Fisher with like 24.5 to 24.75 top tube length.


The El Padrino is a nice bike. I have an epic weekend planned...Shingle Tree and Spruce Knob. I'll review further then.

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very cool.


Regarding the sizing, I can't comment personally, but you can call up Ventana and speak with Sherwood (founder/owner/designer) directly.  He's always great at explaining things like this and can probably give you some guidance after you tell what you're used to and what you're looking for.


And regarding the El Rey, I haven't ridden one personally, but I have a friend who has one and he loves it.  He's the kind of rider that I look up to and trust his opinion.  Like any small manufacturer though, it's too bad that Ventana's are difficult to demo (and especially difficult I would imagine considering you are on the east coast).

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