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Looking for Skis

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Hey all,

I am new to the board, glad I found you guys! I am looking at getting a new pair of skis. I am 5'7, about 160-170 lbs, 22 y/o. I started skiing when I was around 6 or 7 in Alaska, but haven't skied regularly the past 5 or 6 years. I live in SoCal now, and picked up a pass to Mammoth for the next season. I am currently on Rossignol Scratch FS's, they are twin tip skis made more for the park, but were given to me by a friend. They are pretty worn out, and with some serious skiing coming up I need new skis. I really am not a park skier, more of an all mountain guy. I am a fairly aggressive intermediate/advanced skier who likes to speed down groomed runs, but spend probably close to half my time fooling around between the trees and I really also enjoy moguls. So I'm that guy looking for a pair of skis that will satisfy all my urges and allow me to improve as a skier. The guy at my local shop, which happens to be an outlet type store and who I really like, is recommending these K2 Omni Cross. They must be an older model, but they are new and half off. I believe they are 167s. He says they will have the stiffness I want but still allow me to get bumpy - basically a good all mountain ski I can use for a couple years and upgrade if I need something heavier duty. He is recommending them with some sort of heavy plate (?) piston bindings. All together, this setup will run me about 300 bucks. Like I said, he basically runs an outlet, so everything is super well priced, but he doesn't have everything. He also is very helpful, and I like that he doesn't necessarily point me to the most expensive thing. Would these be good skis based off of what I have said? I don't really know how to look at skis and know why one is better than the other.

Thanks so much.


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Yo bro, you might able to get some free stuff from www.theskichannel.com/promotion/ They have the goggle promotion till Next year. I'm in SoCal also, i think you can grab some ski stuff from the mall in Arcadia.

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