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Video Posted 5-19-03

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Video for your analysis.

The skier wishes to remain anonymous.
Video clip
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Looks to me as though your skier is pretty much outside ski oriented in his turns. He lacks separation between upper and lower body and he likes to lean into the left turns a bit. I'd work on involving the inside ski more in the turns.
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Looks like performance anxiety to me. I think the skier seems tense because the camera is there. I noticed the upper body as well- especially the arms. It all seemed kinda posed to me.

I'd like to see that same skier in shorter and more dynamic turns. The skier was pretty smooth in this radius turn, but it seemed like they were just casually tipping and turning- not actively skiing. A shorter radius turn might be more informative for us, and give them something else to think about besides the camera.

Smooth, round turns though, and defintely an accomplished skier. Congrats to them and tell them to loosen up a little.
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The skiing is smooth and he calmly absorbs a little bump at the end of the second turn we see. He seems to turn better to the right then the left. The left turn near the camera seems to have had a bit of skid and the same for his last left turn we see.

He is better then the large majority of skiers on an average day. By PSIA standards he would be a level 8?

On the video that I see I don't see any poles. Is that right? If that is correct, then usually he would ski better with poles.

On the "constructive criticism" side: he is a bit too 'parked' in his turns. Since he seems smooth and balanced, I'm going to hazard and quess that his major problem is that he may have the wrong perception of what a high level carved turn should be. His skids (if that is what I saw) are due to him 'parking' his turn too much. He may be under the impression that 'smooth' = 'relaxed' and is remaining too static. If someone can show him how to relax the top half of the turn he should be able to get quickly better.

If he is not realising that he has some skidding (if that is what I saw)then he's not there yet in knowing how to really carve since carving is an on/off mode. If he realises and especially 'feels' that there is skidding then he's not far from getting it. And then he would only be entering the early phase of being an expert.

Normally we would also had that his stance could be wider and that he could use more seperation.

Normal disclaimers apply. Can't really tell the snow conditions, the pitch of the hill, his speed, how well his skis are tuned, boot problems, etc...
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