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Ski storage options (stand?)

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In attempt to not have a junked up basement.  I am looking for some standing mechanism or frame to hold several pairs of skis.  Has anyone bought or seen a devise that would work to clean up the clutter of skis /poles? 

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I cut the shafts off 2 broken hockey sticks and drilled holes through the ends.  I then pounded some strong nails into the stringers that make up the roof of my basement and hung the sticks horizontally at just a smidge higher than head height via lengths of clothesline.  You can fit about 6 pairs of skis and poles on this "rack".  Further - it can be easily moved for seasonal storage.  The rack gets moved closer to the work (tuning) bench in the winter.

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I love the Rubbermaid FastTrack system.  I haven't actually used it with skis but I'm pretty sure one of these would work well with skis:


I use it in our garage with our 7 bikes and many wheelsets and it works awesome.  Highly recommend it.

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I took some heavy duty ladder hanger hooks and put them into studs so that I could hang my skis horizontally against the wall.  This works well if you want to store other stuff on the floor below them.  I have room for about 6 pair of skis hung this way.

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I've been thinking of duplicating a stand that one of my friends has made. I wish that I had a picture, as it would be a lot easier than describing it. He sourced a lot of PVC pipe, maybe in 6" diameter. Cut it to about two foot lengths. Took a 4' X 8' sheet of  plywood, and cut it in half lengthwise. Then cut circular holes three in a row across the plywood, to fit the PVC, and separated the rows with enough space to be able to fit bindings. Probably has 10 rows of three each. One piece of the ply is the bottom frame, resting above the floor. One is about 6" below the tops of the pipes. He's got it braced for rigidity with maybe 2X2's? The thing holds about 30 pairs of skis, is rigid, and takes up a 2ft by 8ft footprint on the floor, And it's easy to grap a pair of skis. At most you need to move two pairs. And they are resting on the tails, no pressure, etc. I don't necessarily have the right wall space, so my rack might end up being a bit more square. You could also stick poles in the PVC.


Ski poles? Another friend did this, and I thought it was slick. We have wooden pegs,but they take up a lot of wall space for a lot of poles. This guy got four milk crates, and screwed two into the wall, just off the floor,next to each other. Directly above them mounted the two others, having cut the bottoms out of those. So you drop the poles through the "open" crates, and they sit right in place. The tips don't get trashed ion the concrete, as they are suspended right above it. Holds a ton of poles. I still think he has a couple of pegs for the most frequently used, but he has speed poles, SL poles, nordic poles and the rest in the crates.


Not real fancy, but effective.

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At our NH ski house we use several of the MOHN black plastic ski racks - the twin tip version, sometimes sold under the Wintersteiger name. However, I cannot recommend the standard version pictured here because we do have one of these models for our flat-tailed race skis and it always wants to lean over to one side since it is just not as sturdy as the twin tip model. Do yourself a favor and find the twin tip version!


Anyway here is the regular version (not recommended) so you can at least see roughly what it looks like, and what I'm talking about:




As I said the twin tip version has worked really well for us as it is sturdier since it is two of these ski rows and it doesn't ever lean over, plus it accommodates modern skis which all seem to have at least a little bit of a turned up tail.


For poles we use quasi-antique wooden nail barrels, which are older wooden barrels that nails were once sold in. They are a nice looking wooden barrels around 2 feet tall and under 1 foot in diameter at the top opening and hold lots of poles - and look great doing it too. These can frequently be found on Ebay.


Both of these systems work really well and eliminate the jumble.


For boots we use the Chinook Boot Dryer system on top of Rubbermaid boot trays which holds our boots, contains any mess, and blows room temperature air through them plus our gloves so they are all dry for the next day. This boot drying system is worthy of heavy use in our ski house, and is not like the little portable fold-up ones which don't last. These are available in many sizes to meet different needs - as respects how many boots they hold at once.


Over the years we've experimented with a lot, and these solutions are what we have found to be the best performing for our needs.

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I store my skis under my bed. That way I can (almost) sleep with them.

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Originally Posted by samurai View Post

I store my skis under my bed. That way I can (almost) sleep with them.


samurai-living in Japan You have to laugh at us folks that live in the US complaining about lack of storage space.

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During the ski season our skis and boots are on the ski racks and boot racks in a room by the back door dedicated to ski stuff. After the season we stuff it all in the nearest closet along with our heaviest jackets, pants etc. Boots are on the floor, skis and poles are leaning lightly against the walls, clothes are on hangers, helmets, gloves and other stuff on the shelf above the clothes. Then, we quickly push the door closed and try not be tempted to open the door again untill December!

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