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SUPERMAN, a Birthday & Loveland’s closing

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Betsy’s annual birthday ski on Loveland’s closing weekend had Superman overseeing our safety and insuring great skiing conditions:





Birthday skiing posse included L-R; cgeib, Tsavo, birthday girl Betsy, Bklyn, Mr. Vertical, and dookey67 out front:


Bklyn, Betsy and Mr. Vertical perched on In the Mood off chair 8 looking down at Tsavo running over Awesome:


cgeib turning down Patrol Bowl off chair 9:


Betsy follows:


Mr. Vertical:




dookey67 running quick:

[more bday ski follows after a short break… ]





Boot on up at the lodge has Betsy smiling and Bklyn doing a welcome day stretch:

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Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post

Look at those smiles!  Don, you are one lucky guy.  Looks like everyone had a super fun time.  Thanks for sharing =)

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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post


Look at those smiles!  Don, you are one lucky guy.  Looks like everyone had a super fun time.  Thanks for sharing =)


I’m very lucky indeed Chris.  Say…you’d have really enjoyed the snow conditions and the pace of this posse.  Next season we’ve got to have you stay into May  


More on the day>>


cgeib starts his lead…



…and the conga line forms with dookey67 at tail:


Overcast day Saturday May 2nd with occasional snow kept the conditions as firm as possible for a closing weekend.  Great cover remained and a shame the horseshoe had to close…A-Basin needs to truck this stuff up over the pass.


Looking past 9 over to chair 2:

Chair 1 practically empty all day:


Looking up Cat’s Meow:


Over the Rainbow:



[digging up some more to post... ]

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This looks like fun!  

Lemme get my popcorn for the rest of the show!


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Betsy’s Birthday cake and lunch at the Lodge:


We pose with our friend, Dentist and Loveland’s longtime Patrol veteran.  After all these years I’m still not convinced what profession best suits him…:


dookey67 had to check out the closing deals at the shop…I think he is still deciding on whatever that is…:


Bklyn giving us the “follow-me look”:


As cgeib steps out and ponders Bklyn’s Praxis…


…Betsy quickly sneaks an adjustment or two and puts the pinch on his nordi’s :


Off chair 8; Betsy coming down “In the Mood”…which interestingly I hoped was her birthday wish   :


Happy Birthday wife…and thanks to all our friends for making it a great one at Loveland 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

This looks like fun!  

Lemme get my popcorn for the rest of the show!


BTW Tricia, thanks again for sending me those poles …Betsy considered that her birthday gift i.e., not hearing me further complain about the broken trigger on the old Leki’s  


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Much to observe in this TR...

Ah, the famous dentist.  The partial source of these great smiles!

Not sure what exactly is on bklyn's mind, but I assure you, follow me is NOT all that she's thinking!


I'm confident that I know what Cgeib is thinking about the Praxis.


Betsy looks incredible as always!!

Happy Birthday!


Shoot me your mailing address again and I'll send you another set of poles.

 I'm using a 44" pole now and don't plan on using the 48" that I have in that same leki pole. 

I'd tell you to pay it forward, but I know you're generosity has you doing that anyway.


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Almost forgot…some final comments regarding Superman at Loveland


With great surprise we found that Superman rides:



Upon learning this, dookey67 and cgeib did their best Superman imitations on skis:




Ultimately, Superman did confess the snowboard is actually his Kryptonite  :

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Great TR! Looks like a fantastic day with fantastic people.  Happy birthday Betsy!

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Thanks for all the nice wishes everyone!
And thank you all for such a great day.

I am really lucky.

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Nice TR, I wish my seasons were that long...


By the way, a long time ago I faced Superman in a ski race, we bet that the loser would have to dress the underwear, over the pants...

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hellz ferilla!


in the immortal words of Erick Sermon, the day was bomdigi (and then some). mucho gladios that i stuck around for the fest. 

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Anxiously awaiting the annual birthday bash at Loveland.....
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Look forward to next year would love to make a May trip to the mtns. to eat birthday cake and close down Loveland!!

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Nice bump Trek !!!

Here I stand, in the mud and debris from all the rain, waiting for something fun to happen.

Post it all up Don....we are waiting here
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Heck I was there and I'm looking forward to the TR!  Good times, good friends, good skiing, good memories! 

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Don and Betsy- were you there today? I was, and it was great- snowing all afternoon. Sorry, I forgot the camera and have no pictures. Poor visibility and very flat light kept me off of the ridge, but there was great skiing everywhere. Happy birthday!
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      I think the Denver's were there today. Loveland was Rocking in the Free World today!! We did not make till the pm for day two & with a Dead Cell phone Battery, it was like trying to find needle in Haystack! Did 5 good Runs & then back to Cowtown to do lawn work @ Casa de South!
 OH yeah it was SNOWING, 2 May Pow days in a row," Life is Good!"
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                 Party Day! Fresh Snow, Good Friends, & Chocolate Cake. Key ingredients for a Great Day!
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Mix bag all day  weather wise, Snow, Sun, Wind, More snow, More Sun , Great Lines all Day!
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Best Part,
Skiing with Friends!
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 TRIP REPORT???.... We need a Trip Report!!!!  We are waiting!! 
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^^ What?!  Katy...can I get something to eat, read the mail and Sunday paper, get prepared for work Monday and take out the garbage first  

Originally Posted by Mr. Vertical View Post

 We did not make till the pm for day two & with a Dead Cell phone Battery, it was like trying to find needle in Haystack!


No wonder Glenn, I was phoning you several times today…

Just back home guys and had to laugh as I looked at this old thread.  I'll post up a new thread for this years Birthday ski and Loveland closing weekend soon as we have some fun views. 

For now, it was certainly like mid winter…snowing and just awesome.  And check this out; both Bklyn [fresh from Snowbird] and Dookey67 [driving in from Cali] decided to surprise Betsy along with a host of local Bears…and boy did they.  Great weekend.  Loveland rocked.

dp…sorry to have missed you today.  BTW, we had a window of opportunity going up 9 heading off left and booted up the ridge all the way over Wild child and dropping into Porcupine Saddle.  Like winter crisp snow but testy in the flat light.  Here is a shot of friend Kirk below a cornice he flew off blind further down the saddle that had him planted for a bit:



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 sorry i missed the partie but i was over in the ten mile range with some boarders.  like tsavo said we want to see more pics!! 
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It seems over the last few of Betsy birthdays celebrated on Loveland’s closing weekend that winter conditions and snow rush in for the first week of May; a mix of wind, snow and sun on Saturday and minus the wind with variable snowfall all day Sunday. 

Bears and friends joining up for Betsy’s birthday ski/Loveland closing weekend included; Tsavo, COSkiGirl, Mr. Vertical, cgeib along with the surprise arrivals Dookey67 and bklyn as well as old friends tele Mike, Tony and Kirk.  It was a great group of skilled and quick moving skiers that made the weekend very special. 

We found winter powder all day off chair 8 on Saturday although we kept missing the very brief windows of clear viewing on chair 9 which prevented us from heading up the ridge.  Tree skiing on the north side of the tunnel was soft, fresh lines everywhere and when visibility was occasionally poor we moved over to chair 1.  Temps were never bitter but the overall conditions sure as hell made you think it was mid-winter.  We skied everywhere burning enough calories so that the 2 birthday cakes disappeared quickly as the rendition of 'happy birthday to you' caught on with everyone upstairs at lunch.

Sunday continued with more snow and temps a bit warmer without the wind.  We finally rode up chair 9 to ski the ridge and made the boot hike up and over Wild Child eventually dropping into Porcupine Saddle where fresh powder was everywhere.  Moving back over on the north side, first tracks were found all over the bump between chairs 8 and 4.  We finished out the day on Chair 1 lapping lines down Over the Rainbow and Zoom. 

It was a perfect finish of the Loveland season skiing with friends celebrating Betsy’s May 1st birthday.  We’d of hoped to have had our friend spdskr join us with his May 2nd birthday but hopefully that’ll work out next season. 

Some views of the weekend follow although with the weather and the fact the group moved so quick we didn’t get any specific action shots this time…next birthday hopefully: 



One of Betsy’s favorite backcountry skiers & friend:



Bday Betsy at nosebleed on the divide after the hike up over to Wild Child [she beat us all up   btw]


More to add…

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More to add…

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Betsy thinks “funny how long folks take to get their skis on up here”:


The three Amigos:


Tsavo smiles…Its birthday time!

Mike and Spencer hit the top of the ridge [you can just make out the top of chair 9 between them above MIke's ski poles]:


Mr. Vertical, cgeib, Betsy, COSkiGirl, Tsavo, Bklyn, Dookey67 ready to launch…now the problem in getting any individual action shots is they all launched at the same time…all in different directions.  It was a massive explosion of snow and uncooperative support of the poor camera man  


Great fun.  Thank you friends...

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Saturday was an awesome day. I'm sorry I missed meeting you guys. Sounds like it may happen at the Basin this coming weekend!

Those cakes look great!
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 Nice!!  Thank you Don and Betsy for inviting all of us to help celebrate!!!
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