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STEEP, the documentary

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This ski documentary has been playing on "Encore Action" channel lately. It came out a couple of years back and it's probably been discussed here but it's well worth mentioning it again. If you can find this gem, its a fantastic overview of modern skiing including interviews with Stump, Plake, Coombs,Bill Briggs, Stefano De Benedetti, Eric Pehota, Scott Schmidt,Shane McConkey, Seth Morrison, Chris Davenport, Ingrid Backstrom and Andrew McLean. Its not really ski porn but it does feature some fantastic skiing including a lot of footie from Bliz of Ahhs and some incredible descents from early pioneers in Chamie. It's definitely being added to my collection. 

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Great movie. I have watched it likely 10 times over the last few years. Watched it the other night and got pretty choked up when Shane McConkey came on the screen. It is sad that the sport often takes the great ones before their time.

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It has been discussed, but as you noted, its worth another discussion

See my comments here.


As I said, This is one tremendous movie that makes all other ski movies look like Travelog night at the Rotary Club.


I'll definitely watch it again!

Teaser here



For anyone who likes this movie, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the book Edge of Never by Bill Kerig.


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I've seen this film six or seven times now.  I think I enjoy it more each time.  Took the DVD with me skiing this year and got to share it with a few friendsThumbs Up


My fave is when Stefano De Benedetti explains that when the terrain is so steep that his life depends on the successful execution of his turns he, "feels like a leeetle beeet of a superman."  I've never skied fall=die terrain but there have been times when skiing made me feel like a little bit of a superman.  What a great way to express that.

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TC, thanks for the old link! I was really impressed and blown away watching this. Very sad seeing Shane and thought the seggie on Coombs speaking about the risks and his possible death was errie. VEry good interview with his wife. Kind of makes you think about Payota.....

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I love this film.  I've seen it at least 15 times, maybe more.  It actually has a story, as opposed to ski porn.

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