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just joining in

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I just wanted to say "hi", and it was fun to meet and ski with the other Epic Ski folks at A-basin last weekend and Loveland too.
- Cyndy Gal, Copper Mountain Ski School
- aka "skigal"
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Howdy and welcome to EpicSki. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Hi Cyndy,
Welcome to Epic. A question about your name...
Were your parents fans of my favourite band when it comes to hangman, Lynyrd Skynyrd?

Just wondering why you've got no vowels.

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I guess that you are asking why my name is "Cyndy" and not "Cindy"? Something that I came up with in 6th grade, as my real name is "Cynthia" anyhow.
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Welcome Cyndy! You'll find this to be a great place to spend an evening. I suppose I organized the recent A-Basin gathering and then had the nerve to not show up! Oh well.
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Welcome Cyndy! I know you've been lurking around here for a while, but thanks for finally deciding to join in!

By the way, gang, that's Cyndy in my "Postcard from The Basin" picture, third from the left in the bottom left photo, with the blue jacket and silver helmet.

Here's the picture again:

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hey Cyndy,

Welcome aboard.

It's been a lovely week in Breck watching the snow lightly fall as we try to get the golf course and clubhouse ready for the season. When was that opening date-July4th? Oh well, that the Rockies in spring.

Off to Fla. for my PGA Level 1 checkpoints next week. It will be nice to experience a few days with oxygen in the air. Back to the books-this one is not an automatic pass.
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Good luck S&G. We'll see about getting the sun fixed before your return....


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Nice to see you posting. I've run into you-not literally the last 3 times I've skied, I'll be at A-Basin this Sat. hope to see you there.

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