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rust on the edges

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I'm getting ready to mothball my skis for the summer--except for the pair I take to mogul camp.  As I was inspecting/fondling my skis and already anticipating next season, I noticed some rust spots on 1 pair of my skis.   The skis are quite new and have only been skied on 5 times or so.  How should I treat this rust and is this typical?  I typically try to wipe down my skis and I take good care of them...just wondering if there something that I am doing or not doing that is contributing to this.



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Typically if there is any moisture that gets on the metal edges (unless they have a protective coating of wax over them) the rust happens. Storage of the skis in a garage or basement many times is not the best. Also if you live in a humid (Ocean or similiar) area then this can happen too without any moisture getting directly on the skis.


You can remove the rust a number of ways (from easy to more agressive method)- gummy stone, standard Arkansas stone or a really fine diamond will all take just the surface rust off. If it is really bad then a file maybe the best first. Then apply a coat of storage wax with plenty on the edges and do not scrape them until ready of the next run.


You may also want to do this to the pair you are taking this summer too once the season is over and wax them just before the camp.

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Thx, Rshea.  That is very helpful.  I do store them in my basement in DC --which is a fairly humid environment.  I will turn on the dehumidifier and do exactly as you suggest related to treating the existing rust and put my off season wax on to protect them.  I appreciate your advice.



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Any rust spots I have seen early season have come off pretty quick once you start ripping again

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Sometimes ice from inside the bindings seeeps out the next day after skiing, drying them off,and putting them up.   Humidity can also be a factor.  A heavy coat of wax, not scraped, is recommended.  Some folks use specially designed storage wax.  I just use all purpose wax so all I need to do is scrape it down when I'm ready to ski them next season.

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Either keep them in the basement and run your dehumidifier around the clock (a good thing to do for all your basement storage), or store them upstairs if the house is air conditioned. Wax does help quit a bit but if you're lazy (and cheap) like me, storage in any dry area is good enough.

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