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The mid-fat 90s menu- what's your favorite or this and next year.

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This past season is really the first time when I had the luxury of skiing a quiver ranging from 79 to 110 underfoot, and my impression is that at this point the best compromise "daily driver" ski in the West tends to be around 94-96 mm underfoot.  I am wondering what your favorite skis are in this range and what you think of them. 


I did get to demo a few ove the last couple of years, so here are my capsule results:

Mantra:  Had a tip that was way too hooky and unstable for my taste. Just not my cup of tea.

Watea 94: Loads of fun in corn snow, but borderline scary in hard cruddy snow or on ice.

Mojo 94: This one was fun in most conditions, and super-smooth yet turny, but didn't quite have the energy of either Mantra or W94.

Rossi B4: Smooth, super-damp, super-predictable, almost lazy, not a good ski on hard snow, and not quick enough relative to other skis.  Best in a  wide-open bowl.  Hard to believe that at 94 underfoot it was a powder-specific ski in the Rossi line a few short years ago.


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Interesting conclusion. While 94-96 mm is fine, wouldn't 88-90 be fine as well? I would think they'd be even a little more versatile. Experiences?

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I liked the Watea 94 a lot, fun ski. Hart ONe is a nice ski as is the upcoming Blizzard Titan Atlas. You can't go wrong with the Mantra though. 

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 I spent a few days on the Mantra last season and didn't like them at all. My experience was similar to you - hooky tip, not enough solidness in the tail and a general lack of power.


My daily drivers this year were 187 High Society FRs, 104 underfoot, and 187 Dynastar XXLs, 109 underfoot. Yes, those are both a bit wider than mid-90s but I don't find the extra width to be much more noticeable. I started the season on 188 Stockli SS Pros, 89 underfoot, and didn't like them much. The FRs and XXLs are not much more sluggish and ski great in most conditions, including groomers.


My friend, who skis 184 Mantras, tried my High Societys and found them to be better on groomer, more solid on the snow and more energetic. I can't recommend them enough. There are some great deals at backcountry.com for these (or you could buy mine :D)...


I'd love to try the 186 Dynastar LPs from 08 and earlier. They're a slightly narrower, slightly turnier XXL, which I think would be pretty close to ideal.

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I've used a Nordica Enforcer a few times this season (recently acquired ski).  I enjoy it very much.  On groomers, it has a big sweet spot, it's very stable in cut-up powder and powder, it turns very quickly (which is good for me in the trees, especially if it's really steep).  Overall, I really enjoy the ski and will be using it as my daily driver next season.

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I own a watea 94, and my favorite ski I've been on so far in this range is actually the Dynastar Big Trouble.  Just a little bit more damp and stable than the watea (while still having a good amount of energy) which makes it more fun for me in sketchier snow conditions.

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This is definitely a sweetspot for daily drivers in the west.  I might agree that maybe it should be 90mm to 105ish for the perfect compromise width.  I own two skis in this category: the Volkl Bridge (185) that is an almost perfect all mtn ski...it really shines across a range of conditions...its my bump ski and no fresh snow ski...though it works well in smaller amounts of soft snow.  The other ski I own is the 187 HS freerides (just like you D C).  I grabbed these late this season to replace my 183 Gotamas.  Given what I've heard about them...I feel fairly confident that I'll love them.  They are slightly stiffer than the Gots a bit longer which should be perfect for me.  I could easily ski these every single day but like to go a bit narrower if I'm going to be hitting the bumps.  However, if I was going somewhere and had no idea what the conditions were going to be and could only bring one ski..this would be it. 

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Big Trouble - definitely my favorite for this range. Super stable, tons of energy, light swing weight, busts crud like no ones business. Great for switch riding too if thats your thing.

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Anyone know anything about the supposed Armada Alpha 2's for next year? As far as I've heard they are 90-100mm waist with the elf design??

If this is true I'm gonna get me a pair.

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Post deleted, (does not add anything useful to the discussion).


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Atomic Nomad Savage Ti.

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