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Salomon xw tornado- Ti vs. no Ti

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 Ok, first post, be kind.

I ski approx 45 days per year, just moved New Mexico, usually ski at Taos (steep, can be variable conditions, spend 1/2 my time hiking the ridge.)  5'1" female, advanced-expert, 115 #, (130 with day pack and boots on.)   I picked up a pair of new 2009 154cm Salomon XW tornados at a decent price.

I usually ski 156 Volkl Auras, but they aren't ideal for icey moguls and bulletproof mornings.  (I generally HATE women's skis due to the binding position and ramp angle, but the Auras don't behave as such.)  

Anyway, the store accidently sent me a pair of the Titanium version, which has turned my purchase into a great deal, but given me a really stiff ski.  Contacted the store, they said ok if I wanted to return or keep ski.

So...  Is the Titanium version of this ski going to be to stiff for me in bumps/ off piste considering my size/ weight?  

Any thoughts would be appreciated, and, no, I don't want to deal with selling the skis on e-bay, I'll just return them.

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Did you demo the non-Ti and really like them? If you did that might weigh towards a return. If you haven't demo'd them then how would you know which you like better which makes the decision 50/50. I would probably want to keep the better Ti version only because I got a better deal. Good luck with the decision. Maybe ask some of the dealers on the board like Sierra Jim or Dawgcatching.


p.s. was that kind enough

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did you hand flex the ski you have? its not really what i would call a stiff ski at all. its actually softer longitudinally than the xwing 10, which is positioned below it in salomon's line..


the Ti strips dont really do all *that* much


the price difference is more to cover the cost of the better binding than the ski


next years TI is a bit different, as the ski has 2 full layers of ti, one above and one below the core.


this years was sort of "magic dust" if you ask me...



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where can you find next years TI on line?

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Thanks for the suggestions...

I demoed the non-ti version early this year and liked them, but snow conditions were nice that day and I would have been happy on pretty much anything.  Also, a problem with demos in Taos are the 240# men (we have an infestation...) skiing them, badly, in that length, prior to you getting your hands on them.  So, the pair may have been softer than they should have been, which concerned me if the ti version was significantly stiffer.

Have hand flexed them, they didn't feel ridiculously stiff, but I had read suggested weight ranges for this ski start in the 160+ range, which, in combination with the overall weight of the ski, concerned me.  I love a super stiff ski for carving, but not in bumps, where I have been spending most of my time when the snow is so-so.


Good to know that the ti strips don't really matter that much.  


I think what I may do is hold on to them until next season and demo a ti-version, as I can return them so long as I don't ski them, then deal with having no carving skis if I don't.  (I won't pay retail at the beginning of the season.)   Let me know if anyone else has any thoughts.


ps- yes, winter, very kind,  thanks!

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Interesting discussion.  I've been skiing on the Tornados (without the ti) for several years now and generally like them.  I am 5'8'' and weigh 170 lbs.  My skis are 162 cm long.  I like their maneuverability and sidecut and, like you, enjoy using them in moguls.  (I'm so used to the feeling of a wood core that I would be hard pressed to give it up.)  However, on harder snow or at high speeds, they are not as stable as I would like.  At Whistler this past winter, they chattered a bit on the really challenging terrain and I kept searching for a pair of skis that would give me a bit more stability and edge grip, while staying agile.  Didn't. find anything I liked.  It was only after I returned home that I stumbled across a pair of tornado ti's and figured that that might be the perfect combination.  But the season was coming to an end, so I have not had a chance to demo them yet.  Interesting to hear that this season's model will have "real" ti.  Could they be the perfect combination I've been searching for?

p.s.  About three seasons ago, I was at Taos skiing on hard snow (that was the year they didn't. get much snow prior to late Feb.).  I was demo'ing some Nordica Hot Rods (one of the entry-level models).  It was only about 162 - 166 cm or so but had the best edge grip I've ever experienced.  Maybe one of the Hot Rod models would give you the combination of rigidity and agility you're looking for.  Speak to Myles Hinton in the Ski School, if he's still there.  He used to ski on Nordica.

p.p.s.  Subsequent to my original posting, I have had a chance to demo a pair of this year's XW Tornado ti, at 166 cm.  Liked them a lot and found that they were a noticeable improvement over my older version (162; no ti).  Not sure if it was the extra length or the titanium, but they offered more stability/edge grip and less chatter on hardpack and at higher speeds.  If I had the extra $1,000 lying around, I'd get myself a pair right now!

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Salomon has changed the sizing of the Tornado's for 2010.  They are now 159, 166, 173 and 180 lengths whereas last year they were 155, 162, 170 and 178.

Not sure how big a difference the new shapes/skis will be but the 173 seems to be closer in turn radius to last tears 178.


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