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Aiguille Du Midi, Face Nord, Eugster Couloir 1st May

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A line I've been staring up at since first visiting Chamonix many moons ago. It's a little 1500m 55 degree line ;) (small red dots)



Where everyone else puts their skis on to do the 'Vallee Blanche' we drop into the face



Looking back at the beginning



First few turns on the upper face



Rhiannon enjoying some steep turns



Jonno self portrait with Rhiannon behind and me in the background sidestepping an icy bit.



Guy and Jonno with the Telepherique close enough to see the tourists



Approaching the 'demi lune' where you decide 'Eugster or Mallory'



Jonno enjoying some of the softer snow



From the same vantage point as Jonno skis below me to enter the upper Couloir you get a sense of the exposure



Rhiannon standing on the 'demi lune' with the Aiguille du Plan behind



In the upper Couloir, a little ways above our first rappel



In the mid section of the couloir below the first rappel



Same place, looking down, it cliffs out about 40m below me.



The second rappel, we did this one skis on, not so good for the health of your skis




Looking down the final section, we had 2 short rappels in here to avoid the sections others choose to huck



At last standing on the cone of avie debris at the foot of the couloir, feeling exhausted



A great day out. Very scary, not such good snow conditions - probably 100+m of side stepping with an ice axe But now when I look up at the Midi it looks different somehow


My Bouquetin prototypes worked well. I do have to round off my tails a bit. The completely flat completely square tails do tend to catch at the wrong moment. But they do stick in the snow well when you take

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That's one gnarly line!  Your pics really show the steepness of the terrain.  I get butterflies in my stomach just looking at them.  There is a best picture of the year thread running in this forum.  All your pics are great.  My new favorite of the year is your fifth pic down.  Thanks for posting them here.

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Wow, that is some intense mountaineering, and all on wooden skis ;)!  Were you roped for any of the skiing or just the rappels?

Chamonix is an amazing place, although at this stage I have no desire to descend a line like that.

Thanks for posting,


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Fantastic pics...thanks for sharing! 

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Yeah, that's just incredible.  Thanks so much for posting!

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Wow!  Just Wow!! 

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It's uncanny the amount of talent and balls some of the people who visit epic ski.


You get my vote for skier of the year.


thanks for sharing this adventure.

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Thanks =)

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Well done. Looked like a great day. 

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The pictures do not do this justice. If this is the face you look down while roped in on the way to the Vallee I would not have thought it possible to ski it. I was roped in and it scared the crap out of me just looking over the edge!

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Unbelievable - too steep for me to ski!


You guys picked kind of a dangerous line didn't you? I took the below picture in June - looks like you skied right through the top portion of this avalanche area...


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Oh. My. God. That is STEEEEEEEP as hell.



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just frickin' awesome!  very cool stuff. good on ya'



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Very intense!  An amazing decent.


Is that Heaven down below your line?

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That's one burly line and a Cham classic. Way to get it done.

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Wonderful report on a very burly line, idris.  Thanks for the photos.


I think it's impossible to even remotely appreciate this skiing if you haven't ridden the Aiguille du Midi cable car.  When we rode it (end of September), I looked all over that face trying to figure out where it could possibly be skied.  It literally does not look possible. 


I've skied a few "airy" things in my day and just looking at that face gave me goosebumps.


Great line! 

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Absolutely nuts. Kudos to you for having the stones!

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It would have been far better if you'd been wearing a spray suit.

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I love shot #7.  Really balsy stuff.  Looking at the picture of your line I was wondering how you were going to negotiate the rocks.  4 rappels, sheesh!!

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Way to get after it, Tom!


That has to be one of the ultimate "groomers." 

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This video taken a few days ago gives a better idea of just how difficult and dangerous this face is!



And this one just makes the mind boggle! This guy must have balls the size of an elephant's!


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Nerves of steel!  These guys are the true skiers of the extreme.


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Nice one Tom

Welcome to the club :)

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Sorry, meant to post in your other thread.

Incredible adventure! Thanks for posting the photos.

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