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Ride this AM on Emerald. lots of climbing ip switchbacks through dense Aspens, fern and scrub oak.  first 1K was in ~1.5 miles. 


The SuperFly is awesome and I ended up putting on a havoc carbon  bar cut at 730. I really like this width and the feel of the carbon bar. I have been making adjustments to the suspension and seat fore/aft and I think I am almost there.  The Nobby Nics are fantastic.  























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so you raised the front end of you 29er even further?


super buff trails! 

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^^^^^gorgeous trail, thanks for the pics.
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yes because the superfly headset is very low; it comes setup like a race bike (even though I don't believe that's and advantage)  with a 105 stem. my HB's were 2" below my saddle, I prefer 1". The stock bar is flat.  there is no room for a spacer. right now I have a 80mm stem but may go to a 70.  Its what I like.  Plus the carbon is a bonus.  My seat height BTW is 43"! 


trail conditions are really dry; lots of moon dust in the exposed trails, firm and flowy in the trees. there are some roots and rocks, a few sections of short switchback sections with large rocks and loose stuff, with the 9'r, you just get way back and low and work the front brake and roll through.  I am still working on those skills.  but I am already taking tight switchbacks much faster and the climbing is much easier.  


One thing I did not expect was how good this new generation of avid elixir's are. i have the 1's but they have been really good so  and they aren't even squeaking! fairly good modulation; not as good as the XT's but I will keep them until they get grabby and squeaky. 

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Spruce Mountain.

Into the forest to begin the climb.

My older boys.

Tons of fast rollers once you are coming back down off the loop. Watch for hikers.

Not much technical, but there are some decent spots.

At the top of the initial climb.

Looking north.

Windy Point at the top of the loop looking south. Pikes Peak barely visible in the West Fork Complex smoke.

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From the Summit of Jack London Park... after a 2500 foot climb.  My legs are jelly.


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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post


That's some serious beetle kill in the background smile.gif   Looks like Winter Park and the Fraser Valley.

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great ride!  how did the boys do? 

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Mountain biking in Maui. Makawao Forest. Also know as Kahakapao. Nice single track through the forest.

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Biking in Polipoli area on slopes of Haleakala. About 6500 - 7500 feet. A jeep road instead of single track, but still fun.

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cool!  thanks

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I think I would like to try an MTB ride where someone would consider wearing white clothes. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

great ride!  how did the boys do? 

If that was to me re: Spruce, they did great. My oldest isn't a big technical MTB'r, but the 13 year old is pretty nuts about it. I have put him through some pretty grueling stuff this season, it might be a bigger bug for him than skiing...
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Back to Mt. Herman. Kinda cruddy phone pics today.

Dropping into the Heli-Pad trail.

Typical on the ridge.

Pike Hotshots...hence...Heli-Pad...

Descent conditions...

Back into flowy forest.

Back up the ridge. Getting more technical...

Done. On a Target bike. With matching Panaracers. Noooooooooooooo....

And one of the young 'uns on some new rubber he just bought, too...

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Fellow Bear meden performs an expert derailleur-ectomy in the wake of an encounter with an errant stick. Got to a shop where they were able to straighten the hanger. Back on the trail, the reward for our perseverence was the view. White Mountains, NH.

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nice Honzo. is that Liam?

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Thanks (his bike, not mine), and no. smile.gif
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My friend Maddie cleaning the first big rock garden on Mr. Toads Wild ride this morning:



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That's definitely on the To Do list.

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Me on "Chainring Rock"



A boy and his dog


Dodging the frogs



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I chickened out on what probably was a very rideable (but totally unfamiliar) "chaining rock" opportunity yesterday and it's been bugging me ever since.
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Speaking of MTB stoke, here are some pics from my last race (8 hour solo, single speed, 2nd place)





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Riding my local trails


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You still have a video link to worlds?  #MSAcomingup

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

You still have a video link to worlds?  #MSAcomingup


I am at St Anne right now. Pics from yesterday:



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Had one of these bad boys on the trail at one point during our 24 Hour race a couple of weeks ago.




And one of me.  We took 4th place in the most competitive team category (a bit of bad luck cost us a podium).


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Saturday's photos. Includes XC guys and girls! - http://www.flickr.com/photos/53710006@N06/sets/72157635014077345/


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Not as easy as it looks...


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