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How well does it work?

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Armstrong Pass this morning. Just SE of Lake Tahoe,  3000' vert. with a little bit of everything.


Armstrong 7-2-10 025.JPG


Some rock bridges...

Armstrong 7-2-10 008.JPG


& a little splash action

Armstrong 7-2-10 029.JPG




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You up for showing a newbie around? 

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post



You up for showing a newbie around? 

Absolutely,  I will be in SLT till the 1st of August.  We can break your new wheels in.  Some great rides around here.


Here are a couple from this morning on the Christmas Valley loop.

Xmas Valley DH 006.JPG


Xmas Valley DH 007.JPG


Happy 4th,


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Enquiring minds want to know........how's the new ride!?

Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Epic 29 1


Epic 29 2


Epic 29 3


Epic 29 4


Epic 29 5


Please note: This post is in a BWPA piss free zone. 

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still waiting for some pictures that hopefully turn up from these races


Fat Tire Challenge and Wayne Ultra MTB races but since its 105 degrees out and I have ridden 8 days in a row time to share.


Fat Tire Challenge - June 20th 


due to mechanical and a rash of thing that got stolen on the way back from utah in the spring I have been stuck riding my SS MTB. I also am working at a bike shop part time and that has cut in to my racing time(not so much riding time). With finally a sunday off and race with 2 hours I decided to go give racing a SS mtb a try for the first time.


I entered expert/pro SS as entering sport would be sandbagging to the max knowing that I would probably end up DFL in the top cat over a 25 mile course. The course was super fun, fast flowly sections, rocky sections, huge decent with huge long climbs(3500 vertical foot of elevation change for expert who didnt get lost) to get back out of the valleys. IT wasnt well marked though and the 25 mile course was actually 27 mile and I actually rode 29.5 miles as I got lost several time by poor signage. Still enjoyed myself despite being slightly frustrated by missing marking. I rode 29.5 mile in 2:57 which was good enough for DFL 25 minutes behind the leads who lucky for them didnt get lost. Whatever nearly 10mph average for 3 hours a SS with that much climbing is ok with me.


pictures are here none of me though sadly



course data for one 14 mile lap, the expert class did almost 2




On June 22nd I did a Crit got 3rd in a bunch sprint. rode lots untill that sunday The Wayne Ultra


The Wayne Ultra - June 27th


The Wayne Ultra is my first ultra level race this year. I am very much good for 2-3 hour race normally even better at Crits and CX racing that last about an hour. Ultra MTBing though is what I aspire to be. The Wayne is held in south east ohio in the Wayne National Forest. The riding here is epicly good and as anywhere in this part of the world its tight with roots, rocks and lots of climbing. Lots and lots of climbing. 44 miles 34 mile of which are singletrack the rest except for the first climb is gravely fireroad 5300 feet of climbing. temps hover in the upper 90s all day with heat indexes in the 100s. This is going to be tough but I feel I am up for it.


a take from someone who have done this race in the past.




"-I completed a Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid, NY that wasn't this hard."


so knowing this and knowing that as an almost half 100 miler, my first one ever on a SS I signed up just wanting to finish and to be better than 6 hour 5:30 would be good and 5 hours even would be particularly strong. Class SS open, Gerry Pflug is going to be 2 hours ahead of me I am sure. 48 starters 10 in my class.


Ride starts off as a 'neutral" start which at 15-17 mph is quite difficult to do on a 32-17 26er SS. A rider looks over at me as I am spinning 120+ rpm and just says "that looks tiring" I short of breath just say "it is very". We turn up a long pavement climb and with the likes of Justin Pokrivka(2006 NUE national Champ), Gerry Pflug(2009 SS NUE national champion) and various people who can take a podium at a national level event the paces stay high. they are climbing at like 15 mph. I stay back of the top 25 and let my heart rate come down slightly and keep dredging on, eventually I pass alot of the casualities of the high pace right off the bat. Alot of these people would drop before they even got on trail. 


On top of the hill there are some couple hundred foot rollers on a gravel road where one of the people I pass local to Pittsburgh racer Jason Duirba passes me, Jason is big and has gears keeping up with him on a rolling gravel road is beyond tough. I let him lead into the Singletrack where I catch a glimpse of fellow SS Jermey Palermo. 


On the singletrack life seems great again, Jason is keeping a high pace and its easy to follow I feel slightly faster but better to save the energy. Jason double flats on the first rocky section we hit again proves the fact that tubes do suck. His race is over as he only has one spare tube, I have only a schrader 26 tube and need it just in case. Now I am leading a train of about 4 riders and they want me to stay in front. Running a strong tempo I drop them and soon start catching people on the slight uphills where SS makes the most sense.


14 miles in Aid station one I stop quickly refill my water and grab a couple Gus and go. Mandi Riddle the eventual womens winner pass me at the aid station on here sweet 650B IF hardtail. I quickly catch here and we ride together for awhile, encouraging each other.  Shes strong and the steep hills that eventually have me walking let her pull away. right before aid station 2 at about 21 miles I catch up to jeremy as he is sitting on the side of huge climb. He get back on his bike " say thought you would catch me" "how you feeling" me "ok not great its a 100 freaking degrees out there" jeremy says "I think I am dropping" , me "no way I am dropping", we get to aid station 2 at about 24 and I see a dejected Justin Pokrivka 2 flats and hot weather and he is out. 


Justin and Jeremy wish me good luck and I trudge on. The lonely road to the finish line begins. Little did I know by the end of the race 17 outta of 48 starter would not finish. Alot of the DNF arent newbie eithers. On a long pavement climb Ruth Cunningham(2006 NUE womens National Champion) spins past me not much I can do. The road is 20 percent and I cannt muscle my gear anymore. I continue to keep going catching people who are doing much worse than me. Still lots of really fun trail pretty much the only thing that is motivating me is the Singletrack right now. Aid station 3 I am admiring a fellow riders Pivot Mach 4 which in my mind one of the best FS bike produced, I so wish I had it right now over my steel hardtail but its not about the bike right?


right before the last decent I catch ruthie and finish with a 5:30 20th outta of 28th starter. Happy possible th hardest race I have done thus far and one of my strongest showing considering it was my 2nd SS race and 1st Ultra SS race.


and finally a couple pics from Boyce Park about 20 minutes from downtown PGH.


Kent in the Dark maze of woods



me in the weird light



Cool ramp that was made to get over a fallen tree



and from time to I actually ride skinny tires as well


on the way to 3rd from way back in the pack, trying to race crit after an ultra MTB race hurts like hell. No idea why Jimmy thought it would be a good idea to sprint form the hoods but I beat him so thats all that counts.



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I was away camping (in a thunderstorm!) on Sat night, but managed to get home and make it back out for check-in for the Rando (non-race) event as part of MB Race which is something of a poster-event for the Portes du Mont Blanc biking area.

The full race was a killer, and I'm glad I didn't do it - 140km with 6000m of vertical; Winner took 7 hours 46!

It was the first outing for my bike after fork, brake, wheel and drive-train upgrades. I'd been having trouble with the new front brake (a Clarks SX Skeletal 180mm hydraulic disc) and I didn't figure out what was wrong with it until after several scarier-than-they-should-have-been descents. Once fixed, it was all much more manageable. The forks are Rock Shox Reba Race dual-air with u-turn and pop-loc. At full height, it makes a bit of a mess of the bike's climbing abilities, but for this style of ride, that's not really an issue!

I ended up doing about 28k with about 2700m of descents, 400m of climbs (the bike-friendly lifts were working nicely!)





The day started out hot and sunny but, as it's prone to do, turned into thunderstorms in the afternoon. The routes went from dry and dusty to a slidy mudbath, but it was still lovely and warm and great fun in the rain, got to the point where I didn't care about getting any wetter!

The routes were well marked, marshalled and organised, loads of food and drink laid on.

This photo is looking towards Mont Blanc (disappearing in the burned out highlights) from the 1900m Tete du Torraz, which is the highest point on the Combloux side of Megeve.


IMG_0592.jpg For some crazy reason they don't open the only lift that goes up there on Fridays or the weekend. The view is just fantastic, can see for a good hundred miles into Savoie / Isere / Italy and it opens up some lovely relatively flat routes along the ridges to Christomet and Le Jaillet.

I bought my summer season lift pass too, €50 for 3 months, well worth it.

Now I just need some body armour so it hurts less next time!

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^^^ awesome scenery


Some from the Burbs of the Burg last night


We rode 21 miles@9.56 mile per hour. Lots of fun swoopy XC trails with rolling 2-300 foot ups and down.


We always stop to play on fun stuff though.

Erika cleaning the pile of rocks

















































She Saved this




Me getting getting scared what you cant see is the skinny between the bigger rocks














































Pittsburgh the urban and suburban MTB capitol of the east. 


some info on the riding spot yesterday


North Park is an Allegheny County Park, 13 miles north of the city center. There are over 40 miles of mountain bike trails in North Park but putting together a comprehensive and continuous ride can be a challenge. The trails are not continuous and any comprehensive loop will be separated by sections of road. The many branching and spurs can also make these trails difficult to follow but the reset blazing (marking) of trails has done a lot to help.

If you are a first timer to the park picking a section and riding part of the North Park Outer Loop is a good way to get you started. Also the North Ridge Bypass and Extension Trail holds some of the best single track in the park and is a great place to get started. Linking this trail up wit the Bridal trail you can ride 7 or 8 miles with only two road crossings and a small piece of road to link up the end of the trail to the start.




more info at the above link. If you ever close by North Park, Pa(Pittsburgh) is the Crown Jewel of suburban MTBing. 40+ miles of Singletrack that is really sweet. 




















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Met up with a group of Heavenly Ski Instructors this morning for a steep climb up to High Meadows.


Monument peak (Back-south side of Heavenly) in the background.

High Meadows 004.JPG


My friend D.W. cleaning a difficult boulder section on the way down.

High Meadows 010.JPGHigh Meadows 011.JPGHigh Meadows 012.JPG


Shoulder of Freel Peak, through the trees.

High Meadows 006.JPG




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Rode what might be the most technical trail in the nation. At least I am calling it that untill I ride  something thats actually tougher. 


Moraine SP is the trail. Sadly it was raining most of the day and made it damn near impossible to take pictures, also the high humidity fogs my camera no matter what I try. Plan to go back when its not so wet and get some of the really cool trail building thats been going on here. Basically 50 percent of the time here your wheels are on woods or rocks. today it was wet, wet granite is really slick. I d be lieing to say I didnt fall at all.


So again sorry for pic quality but the rain makes its so humid that its damn near impossibe to get crisp clean pics.


This little guy says hello



I have 40 pictures that look like this damn western Pa rainforest. Rocky road ahead.

















































Erika on the wet granite trying her best not to slide.




Big olde log pile














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Luv the frog :)


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Holy moses JF, that boulder section is gnarly!   


Thanks for sharin'

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great posts going all the way back!  Damn I miss it already! All this is great but what you don't have is the smell of the forest, I love that piney, musty smell. We need scratch N' sniff posts!

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Speak for yourself Finndog.  I've ridden with a few Bears and let me tell you, Sweaty Bears should not be posted in Scratch N' Sniff. 

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you do hava  valid point.... I wasn't smelling so piney last week myself.....  musty ,yes, definitely not piney....

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Mr Toads Wild Ride has not always been my favorite ride, but my friend who I was riding with today had never ridden it.  Toads has somewhat of a reputation for being a very technical DH & often causing injury.  Today, after some PM rain showers the past few days left the trail in the best condition I have ever seen it.


Riding up to the top on the Tahoe Rim Trail from the Big Meadow trailhead has about 1700' of climbing for a 2900' DH down the formally named Saxon Creek trail (Mr.T'sWR) back to the valley.


Wildflowers still going off in the high country.

Toads 7-27 001.JPG


Close to the top.

Toads 7-27 006.JPG


The top with Lake Tahoe in the background.

Toads 7-27 011.JPG


Always doing our best to ride responsibly.

Toads 7-27 013.JPG


Staircase toward the end of the technical section.  After this first 1/2, it is fast & twisty & smooth to the bottom.




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looks fun mister toads is on the list of tahoe trails to hit.

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Cold Creek to Star Lake today.  The weather has been perfect the last few weeks & continues to deliver.  Lung expanding climb, occasionally taking the bike for a walk. 7 miles up, up & up.

Star Lake 008.JPG


Star Lake 017.JPG


Star Lake 021.JPG



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Beautiful MB stoke from both BWPA and 4ster. 

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Haven't posted on this site in forever . . .


Just started mountain biking, though, so here's my contribution: a poor attempt on Swam Pass at the SMBA trails by Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY:



Weird . .  You tube video isn't working . . .


Here's the link:



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Mattchuck, Welcome back!  Thanks for sharing


4ster, as always, your stoke rocks!

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There are a couple of really good shuttle rides in Logan canyon that start at a BC trail head called tony grove lake. The most important from an MTB perspective are Bunch Grass Creek and Blind Hollow Trail. I have ridden these trails as shuttles dozens of times. Last season I tried to knock out riding both of them as loops by connecting via pavement or fire roads (which are the best options). I was able to knock out Bunchgrass, but when attempting Blind I had to abort due to some mechanical issues.


So I decided that Sunday was the perfect day for take 2. And I rolled up to do the ride Sunday morning around 11AM. When I got out of the car I realised I didn't ahve my helm or gloves on me thought about if I should go back to town to get them (at least 1.5 hours round trip).  After thinking for 5 minutes I decided that climbing 2800' at 12:30PM with the sun higher and the heat of the day coming on and inching closer to afternoon t-storms was an even split vs. riding it with out a helm. Also I have ridden this trail a dozen times and know where all the interesting bits are. So I said screw it started the climb. It was sort of weird feeling since I have never ridden with out a helm since I was 14. It was like going on a hike barefooted. .


Description of the route:


Start at Twin Cr. Road ~6000' and climb up the fire road for 2000' in 4.5 miles. The road is in surprisingly good shape since it doesn't go anywhere and gets basicly no ORV traffic. Its a good thing too becuase its steep enough that if it was even slightly loose it woudl be nearly impossible to climb.


The road ends in a meadow where you ride past a few trailers for Herdsman who monitor the cattle and sheep grazing in the high pastures. From there the rest of the ride is 1 track. YOu ahve about 2 more miles of climbing to add up to a total of 2800' and then approximate 3300' of DH in 5.5 miles. You end up at 5700' about 4 miles from the starting point and can either ride the road back or do I like I did and have your pregnant pick you up.


Just at the bottom of the climb.



The climb is concistently steep with short step ups (15%)  that require maximum effort



I love the scenery on this ride and the road is actually quite good for MTB use. Probably one of the few double tracks that are worth seeking to ride in its own right. It would be a hoot to ride this as a DH on a slack bike. 



At the hersman's meadow. 2000' up. 800 more to go.




Looking back at where I started.



Mt. Elmer in the distance.



Down from here. But where I am going is on the other side of that ridge. More up in the future.



Finally coming down into Blind Hollow.



Bow hunters: line form here.



One of a couple steep narrow rocky chutes on the DH. No way was I hitting this one raw dog.



Almost at the bottom.



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Looks like my kind of ride!  When are you going again?


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I try to ride 3 days a week or more and am planning to hit that one again soon. Shoot me a PM this weekend or whenever you have soem free time.

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Enjoy guys, its been rediculously hot and humid in NJ. Takes a lot of the fun out of it. 

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Originally Posted by tromano View Post

I try to ride 3 days a week or more and am planning to hit that one again soon. Shoot me a PM this weekend or whenever you have soem free time.

Great, I may be able to get up there this weekend.  I'll let you know.

Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

Enjoy guys, its been rediculously hot and humid in NJ. Takes a lot of the fun out of it. 

I was afraid to return to Utah, as it is usually pretty hot & dusty this time of year.  Alas, it seems the good weather is following me.  Just enough rain to knock the dust down & high temps in the 80's have made for some pleasant riding the past few days.  I hope it lasts.


This morning on Green Pond/Last Chance trail.  The sign is great MTB stoke.

Green Pond 005.JPG


Sisters with Moonshine bowl in the foreground.  Powder slopes without the powder.

Green Pond 010.JPG


Green Pond.  A favorite among moose in the know.

Green Pond 012.JPG




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Hasn't been any posts lately so thought I would contribute my minimal stoke.  Went with the family on the Swampy Lakes/Swede Ridge Loop west of Bend.  Beautiful ride but was too busy riding to take any action shots.  However, the scenery was beautiful.


Mathew (8) enjoying the scenery.

Swampy Lakes


Mathew and Daniel(12) with Broken Top in the background.

Mathew and Daniel


It's not great but better than nothing.  Hoping this bumps the thread for some better stoke.

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ok the unstoke post. Preriding the 24 hour race course i had a friend take a quite a spill. 




dislocated elbow out for a month or 2 due to torn ligiment. 


ok for some stoke though how about some state college goodness. not mine but really fun XC trails up there.





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How about some WC stoke!




If that won't stoke you, I don't know what will.

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loved that clip epic - cheers

Following my weekend of mtbing through the forest up north of auckland (NZ) out to the coast I am stoking back up on this activity

you cant beat exercising with nature .Back up next weekend for sure.


Here is another angle- when its wet and crappy you have to think outside the square

This clip is not new but we think is kinda cool and if some of you have seen it apologies in advance.

MT Bikers gunning it down inside the vacant Post Office bldg in Amsterdam !





will try to post a couple of gnarly pics later on





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