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Alpental, Sat May 2nd.

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Last weekend for lift served in WA.  Alpental's closing on Tuesday, 5/5.  Anyone planning on heading up?  Weather forecast has a chance of rain, but I'm planning on heading up anyway and hoping it's more cloudy and less rainy.

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I'm thinking about it, despite the fact that conditions will probably be far from ideal.


We had a nice PNW get-together last year during one of Alpy's last weekends.

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Yeah, conditions are gonna be iffy, that's for sure, but I'm leaning towards it anyway.  If you think you might show up, let me know... I'd be interested in meeting up with some people if others are interested.

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Pretty sure I'll be there , most likely Sat.  Went up last Sun. and it was well worth it.  Check your PM's for my cell #  Tom [Quickfoot] 

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Not going to be there today, sorry.  Have fun, if you go.

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Well, here's what you missed-- A pretty good morning, just a few on and off sprinkles, the groomed skied well, fun snow. E-Bowl was fairly good. The light was just a little flat and anything not skied up was work. but all of the shutes lin E bowl were very skiable. Nash was good to the last steep face witch was rutty and a bit slushy. No lines.  Snowing up top, raining at the bottom when I bailed at 12:00. Nice but not great morning. QF 

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... And Sunday was classic spring skiing ...


All the forecasts this time of year tend to claim 'rain' and 'mostly cloudy' but it usually turns out to be partly (or mostly) sunny with nary a real shower of any kind.  Sunday was mostly sunny with firm-ish snow up top all morning and spring snow later in the day.  Still lots of snow up there.


Only way to know what the weather really looks like is to check the on-line satellite imagery and the web cams for the Pass.



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