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Which ski for Canadian Rockies newbie FUN?

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I am looking at four skis - end of season clearance at cost, therefore sizes are limited.  185, 5'11''

1. Mantra 184 (no 177), sorta would like to have the switch option though...

2. Gotama 183 or 176

3. Prophet 100 186 (no 179)

4. Dynastar big trouble 176


Having trouble making up my mind... (though I have settled on an all-round mid-fat) mainly due to the fact that I know very little about modern skis having been a snowboarder for 20 years.  I will still use the board on occasion, but even my days on shop rental skis have been more fun than I ever remember skiing used to be.  I quit skiing at 13-14 as a relatively aggressive youth, but no racing, and have become an advanced big mountain snowboarder - but spend very little time in the park.  I enjoy steeps, powder and soft groomers, and will avoid ice and firm bumps where possible.  I am an intermediate skier will full intentions to improve, and will very likely drag myself down whatever I used to enjoy as a boarder.  In otherwords - I ski like a boarder... it won't be pretty, but I intend to have a ton of fun.  Cash and parenting practicalities dictates a one-ski quiver... and I would rather a ski that does a little better in the big stuff than the groomers, but I need a ski decent at both.


Thanks for your input.

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I ski mainly in Whistler, Sun Peaks (and other mountains in BC) and recently purchased the Head Monster iM82's. So far, I've loved them in every condition I've tried them in. May not suit your needs as they definitely aren't the best in pow, but are a great all mountain ski (performing well in most conditions, but not exceedingly well in specific conditions).


On your list:


Mantra (177) - I didn't really like the mantra for deep powder (didn't get to try it in much else). It held up well enough, but as an all mountain I decided the iM82's were a better choice, for me.


Goat (176) - For me, this ski is either a love it or hate it kind of affair. I, personally, didn't enjoy it. I would say rent it and see how you like it. Seems like it would suit your conditions.


Prophet 100 (175ish) - I've skiied the Prophet 90 and loved it. I'm not sure how different the 100 is, but the 90 is a great ski on steeps, groomers and powder. Great edge to edge control and great stability.


Big Trouble - Haven't skiied this one, but I have skiied the Huge Trouble. Loved it in pow. I believe the 2 skis are quite different, so not much input here.

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Thank you MattH.  Too bad the head isn't an option... or I suppose it is if I felt like doubling the cost of the skis.  All these skis are 400$can. or less, with similar next to cost deals on the bindings/boats.  I currently am leaning towards Gotama/Prophet 100 as wide skis that I understand can do most things well.  The Prophet seems large at 186, as I can only get that size.  I have read they ski short however. 


Oh well, they all seem to get well-reviewed... and one benefit of getting back into skiing after a long layoff, is that everything will feel great compared to what I was used to back in the day.

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Is the Nordica Enforcer an option as well (for a similar price to the skis you mention). I ski the Nordica Enforcer and I enjoy it a lot. Where in the canadian rockies do you ski?


The prophet 100 is a softer ski than the Gotama/Mantra I think, I have no idea about the Dynastar Big Trouble so can't help you on that one.  The Mantra is a bit better on groomers than the Gotama, and the Gotama is a bit better in powder.


Do you ski in the trees at all? I think if you ski the trees, you'll want something a bit shorter and turnier, so for that I will recommend that you get the 176 Gotama.

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No, the enforcer was not available.  I am in Calgary as well, and would generally be skiing Louise/Fernie/Castle with friends, and Nakiska/Sunshine with family.  Glades are great - really some of my favourite spots on the hill, but I seem to stumble across good glade conditions so rarely now that I have a job that I can't abandon at the drop of a few inches.

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From your list, I'd say the big trouble are your best bet. Great brand and everyone I've talked to says it smooths out different types of snow really well.


I'd suggest steering away from the prophet if you feel it is going to be too long. Especially, if you want to be able to go everywhere.


Also, at < $400 CAD , you are getting great deal on any of these skis :P.


Seems like you have eliminated the mantra from the list :).

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 I've done most of my skiing at Louise and Sunshine as well and a few days at Castle and Fernie this year too.  I plan on going next year mostly to Fernie/Castle/Kicking Horse.  For those type of resorts (and Louise), I'd narrow it down to the Dynastar Big Trouble and Volkl Gotama because of length. I don't really know much about the Dynastar, but from what you said that you can only go on certain occassions when conditions aren't necessarily best, I'll say go with the Dynastar because it's a bit less wide.  I'll let someone else who knows these 2 skis better give their opinion.  I'm only saying the Dynastar because since the Gotama is wider, I'd assume that it'll be a bit more powder oriented than the Dynastar.


I currently have a 2 ski quiver, Volkl AC30 and a Nordica Enforcer.  Since you want a 1 ski quiver, the Dynastar is also probably better on groomed runs than the Gotama, but that's just a guess.

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