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I skied two descents at Madesimo -- the "Cavi" and the "Fiamiferi" -- that I'd never done before. In fact the latter was one I swore I'd never do, but I hit in on just the right day, so the pitch/narrowness wasn't as daunting as I thought. And I now know the former well enough to do it regularly. Also discovered a variant to the "Cavellina" descent that I like a lot. Waiting to show it to Mr Nobody.


Then I can't wait for the new snow to come and the coming of the "season's open" call...


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1st time I ever skied switch

1st time I skied one legged after a loooong time.

1st time I skied pow (tight deep) since surgery



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60MPH confirmed downhill (Garmin gpsmap 60csx) on my Kneissl white stars.


85MPH on a rope behind the brothers 2001 RMK 800...  I can't even describe how fun that kind of speed is.  Would've gone faster if the sled had non-mountain gearing.

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I skied with Bears for the first time this season:

First skied with brabson, fellow NC Triangle area Bear, we went to Sugar on MLK day-no lines at all! 

Then skied with a whole pack of them at Blue Knob in PA.

Finally, I skied with my son - first time I didn't have to actually carry him.  He is ready to go full blown greens.

Bring on next season

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I skied some ungroomed powder steep slopes at Big Sky for the first time. )couple runs down the triple in that big bowl (not LIberty), and in the woods.  PLus I had a great season at my home mountain.  Sking almost all the slopes.  Big Sky was my biggest milestone and now has motivated me to do more and ski harder

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My daughter and I finally skied all the trails at Waterville Valley.

We cheated on Lower Bobby's, though, we did it on a day when half of it was groomed...it's usually all bumps.

We'll work on bumps (and gates) next season, as long as my employment issues don't prevent us from having a ski season.

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Best year I ever had on snow.

Best/deepest snow I ever skied

4.5 trips west (Steamboat in Dec, JH in Jan, Steamboat PowderCats in March, Big Sky/Bridger in April and A-Basin in May)

Skied more west than I skied East

Skied with Bears more than I didn't

Another year "Blue Free"

Didn't land a Heli (tried but didn't land it), first time in 25 years of skiing that I didn't do one.


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3 new areas this season (total now 142):


Eagle Pass Heli (27 km west of Revelstoke)

Lutsen (NASJA annual meeting) where I also won a ski journalism award (http://nasja.org).


There was also the 1 hr 20 min hike from Gad 2 at Snowbird to ski White Pine with some Utah locals.  That resulted my first view of someone getting caught in an avalanche.  Hope to avoid a repeat of that part.  Detail report and pics here: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=7796

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