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how much shorter Poles in Bumps?

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How much Shorter Poles for BUMPS?

I checked out the Jennifer Heil video. At full speed you miss a lot. Try playing it with the right arrow button. http://www.jenniferheil.com/movies/heilTrial.mov

Not that I can do nearly as well, But I notice that often part or even her whole ski is getting 'air'losing contact from the snow as she crests each bump, in the air she is forced to accelorate her extention causing some skid in her turn.

NOtice too how Short her poles are. ON some of the very compressed body positions, the Pole is just to her arm pit. SO for bump skiing like this, how much shorter do people suggest? I have been experimenting with my adjustables poles and have found that ~3 inches shorter +/- 1/2 inch is ideal for me. In thicker snow closer to 4". Otherwise, it is not uncomon for my pole to get stuck, preventing release, causing my arm to rotate back and 'drag' the pole out of the release as I ski on.


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No thoughts on pole length, but I think I need a couple of vikes after watching that. Ohhh my back!
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Guy beating myself up like that is long gone for me but if you want to beat yourself up in that fashion the pole length will be dictated by experiment just like you have done. The more agressive you are, the shorter the pole. That type of mogul skiing has a very short lifespan for most skiiers.
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although I am now 39, believe it or not, it is the adrenaline rush, and the mental image trying to ski the bumps like the video (above) that keep me motivaged. It takes an unbelievable amount of stamina which I don't have, which is why I ski about 15-20ish bumps and then take 3 minutes (remember the altitude) to catch my breath and do it all over again )

I am curious if any of the instructors have the "accepted" pole length reduction.

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Guy I ski thousands of vertical feet of bumps at a time but I don't ski them the way you want to.

I don't think there is any accepted method for shortening poles. Just remove the handles and saw away a little at a time till they are the right length.
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when i cut poles for bumps, i make the top of the grip the same level as my hips, when the tip in planted in the snow. This seems to work for me when in an aggressive position in bumps, and poleplanting in the proper spot.
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sounds like about 3-4inches less than the 90degree elbow rule of thumb?
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I don't see the need to shorten your poles for skiing bumps. They're just there for rythem anyhow. Alot of novice bump skiers make too much use of their poles in moguls. Proper use would be wrist flicks to the side keeping the hands in close to the front side of your body. Too much pole planting out to the side and too firm will no doubt get you in trouble by letting your hands get behind you. This leads to sitting back which in turn leads to "runnawaytruckin" and a bail out for sure. Some people actually think they have to jam the pole into the bump for balance and turn initiation. I actually know a guy who jammed a pole in the snow so hard that the pole went in deep, catching and pulling his arm back so hard it actually tore his bicep muscle off his right arm. True story huh Herb? Any how if you are using your poles to balance yourself in the bumps, you're skiing them wrong.
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um, no, not for balance, but because its how you ski them, when youre in an athletic stance zipperlining bumps, your body will more or less be between the bumps, and youre poleplanting on the backside/tops of the moguls. if yourpoles are too long, it will in turn make enable you be thrown backseat easier.
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If that is the case then why have the poles at all. You don't need poles to ski bumps anyway.
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pole plants are key in good bump skiing.
i guess you dont NEED them but then youd look like a kook snowlerblader
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Balance and good fore aft alignment are key to bump skiing poles take the place of good balance.
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dont use them for balance, use them to initate the fast turns which are necessary in fall line mogul skiing.
try to tell a world class bumper they rely on their poles.
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At the world class level poles are used to get out of the starting gate much faster and provide a needed assist in aerial maneuvers. They also assist for the occasional mistake. Any one of those world class bumpers can rip them runs with aplomb without the use of poles. None of those world class bumpers use that pole to initiate turns.
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How right you are Pierre. If you watch a world class bumper from behind, you can hardly see his hands outside his body frame. They do not rely on their poles for balance at all. As I've said before, Don't need no stinkin poles!
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I agree with the fact that you don't need the poles. Actually last year, I broke my hand in the middle of my last day. Because I didn't know it was broken at the time, I simply skiied the rest of the day without poles since I couldn't grip it with the broken hand. I did continue to do moguls and they were still a blast. Fore/aft balance is definitely the key.

However, in the real world, poles are still useful to have with you (ski line, loading, skating around etc). With this fact, most people have them while skiing the bumps. I agree with rightcoast that the do need to be shorter to prevent those flicks from catching and hanging up and thus throwing your arm behind you.

By the way, I do not agree that skiing moguls, you keep your hands close to your chest. Watch the video link at the top, you'll see her her plant is a flick foward plant, however as she skis(turns) by the plant, her arm is opened toward her side usually 45-75degrees as she releases the tip of the pole. It is for this reason shorter poles are used to prevent the pole from sticking.

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